Friday, February 3, 2012

Tacos Are Not Just For Lunch Anymore

Awesome news!

We got a check for the cost of having the truck fixed.

Things did not get ugly.
As soon as we walked in the shop, the guy that runs it told us he was going to write us a check.

Apparently, NAPA- the company that was supposed to put money back on our card- gave a $400 credit to the wrong person.
They don't even know who ended up with it.

They were, however, able to verify that it did not go on OUR card.

Which we already knew.

Course, the guy could have called us.
He also was just waiting for us to go in there to write the check.
Said he didn't know our address.

I believe all that info. is in our account.
But, whatever.

Oh, I had another one of those "Damn, I wish I would have had my camera ready" moments.

On the way to the car shop, we saw an interesting sight.
See, it was such a nice day.
Too nice to keep all the windows or doors shut on your vehicle.

Yep, going down the road was a minivan.
The side door was all the way slid open
and sitting there right by the open door was an old lady, staring out.

All the windows were shut-
just the door wide open.

She didn't appear to be strapped into her seat belt.
I hope they didn't lose her somewhere.

"Where's Grandma?"
" I don't know. She was just there."

And to top off the day, I learned something.
My teenage daughter can be very enlightening.

Did you know tacos was slang for vagina?
Who knew?
I thought it was just a food.

I looked it up.
Technically it is the vulva or women's genitalia.
But, I guess she's close enough.


  1. Tacos? Who came up with that one?

  2. My friends and myself refer to it as a "Bajingo", the term Elliot uses in the television show "Scrubs", I had no idea about Taco. I will have to be very careful now, so I don't end up offending any one.
    I am glad that you got your money.

    1. I forgot she called it that. :)
      Thanks, me too.

  3. That grandma scene sounds straight out of a movie. How funny. Hope she's okay too.

    I think I knew that about tacos but pushed it out of my mind. Who wants to eat a taco after knowing this? I'll stick with burritos. They're more manly. ;-)


    1. I know. My husband asked me "Did you just see that?"
      I don't want to think about what taco means either.

    2. Burritos are manly? I think I know why.
      So, I think I'll stick with tacos.
      This goes a long way towards explaining why I get an erection every time I pass by Taco Bell, though.

  4. glad about the money. sad thing about grandma. i am pretty sure that i didn't need to know about the taco slang; who comes up with this stuff.

    1. Thank you. I am glad too. I think knowledge should be shared. ;)

  5. So, THAT'S where that $400 came from! Sweet!
    I'm going to go buy me some tacos.

    1. Shhhh... they'll make you give it back.
      I hope that's not code for hookers.


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