Monday, February 13, 2012

I'd Like a Vacation

A nice, long vacation would be so nice.
Maybe a year of no crap would be enough.

Quite lovely, in fact.

But, first I need to win the lottery
or, at the very least, a visit from Dave Sayer.

Publishers Clearinghouse has a new winner February 29th.
I have a feeling ....

...he's not coming this time either.

Money might not bring happiness, but it sure would make me happy to know that if I needed to buy new tires for the truck I wouldn't have to wait until the student loan people deem to send me my interest form so I could file my taxes so that I could afford the tires.

Update on my daughter- I will be taking her to the gynecologist as soon as I can.
How sad that I had to take her to the ER because her primary didn't think I knew what I was talking about.

In other news, my phone company pissed me off today.

Starting on Friday, my phone kept ringing and no one was ever there.
No matter whether you picked it up or let it go to voicemail no one was there.
Just beeps. It even left voicemail beeps.

A phone call to the number that called us led us to a woman saying it wasn't her and she didn't know what was going on.
Windstream was gone for the weekend. Yay me!

I found how to block the call.
It didn't work, apparently.

I got a hold of Windstream today.
I had to call them 4 times.

Than they wanted me to sign up for trap and trace.
The first lady said I would have to do this through the police.
So, I tell this last woman that I am going to talk to the sheriff's office first.

She wanted me to sign up for theirs first, which I would have to pay for.

I told her I was getting mad.
I wanted to use stronger language, but customer service people do not like it when I say pissed off. They tell me they won't talk to me if I say that.
So, damn or hell or shit is really out of the question.

Not sure if it was mentioning the sheriff or being mad or Windstream calling the number that was calling here, but the calls stopped right after the last phone call I made.

And it is really quite pathetic that it takes two minutes of pushing buttons and listening to an automated voice before I actually get to talk to someone. Even if you know the button, you can't push it early. You can, it just doesn't matter.

Thank you, Iowatelecom.
Thank you for selling to Windstream.
I love crappier customer service and more internet outages!


  1. Ruth, I felt like I was reading about . . . me! lol. Well, I gotta go cuz I have to call the phone company and push a bush of buttons before I can talk to a real person (for real, I have to call them . . .)

    1. Why do these companies have to make simple phone calls so difficult? Good luck to you.

  2. No wonder you want a vacation. Most big corporations are hideous. I've had doctors who wouldn't listen too. It is frustrating. I hope they find the problem. When my husband was in the hospital I noticed one day he wasn't breathing normal. I told the nurse, I told the doctor - no one believed me. He finally was so poisoned he forgot who he was and who I was. He could have died!

    1. Why do drs and or nurses tend to think they know best? It's our bodies and our families bodies.
      That's bad what happened to your husband. I'm so glad he didn't die.

  3. Gosh darnit, I hope you had a bit of chocolate in there. Hang in there, Ruth.

    PS Even though you didn't win, your entry made me laugh a lot. You're very funny, especially when expressing frustrations. Keep laughing and you'll get through.


    1. I'll do my best, Robyn.
      I didn't figure I'd win. But I am glad it made you laugh.


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