Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday- Changes

Is it Tuesday already?
I think I may have missed last week.

I think it is time this world saw some changes.
For the good
Cause, lately, I just see things changing for the worse.

Most of this stuff has been coming at us for a long time.

So, this week's Ten Things Tuesday is about changes that should happen- even if they probably won't.

1. Money shall no longer be the driving force behind EVERYTHING.
   If money wasn't a big motivator, you wouldn't have all these wars and drug cartels and as much corruption everywhere. Or speed cameras. Or concert ticket prices that double in price after Ticketmaster adds their fees.

2. People should believe what they want and others would be OK with it.
   Religion, politics, abortion, you name it. People have their view point and if someone thinks otherwise, they are wrong. Can't we all just get along?

3. Corporation executives would no longer make more money than the actual workers.
   And don't tell me that they are the brains of the operation. Many times it's the idiots that run the show and the lowly worker can't tell them when they are wrong cause the worker gets in trouble.

4. Congress should not have a 401(K) plan.
   I am not a fan of the stock market, but I know it's "the way to go". At the very least, members of Congress and their families should not be able to trade as long as they are in government.

5. We will quit putting safety before freedom.
   All governments know that the majority of people will always put safety first. This allows the government to slowly, but surely erode the freedoms we have or did once have.

6. There will no longer be three weeks of airtime devoted to a famous person's death or fall from grace.
   I know they are people in the spotlight, but leave them or their family alone. It's too bad, but honestly? I don't know them and I really don't care. But,they do deserve to be left alone.

7. People will own up to what they do.
   No more blaming others.  Sure I made the cookies, but no one said you had to eat them all.

8. Once you pay for something, it shall be yours.
   Can you imagine paying taxes on your house one time? Or on your car? I know that is registration, but we all know it is a tax. Just like the gasoline tax is an excise tax so you can't use it when you deduct sales taxes on your 1040A. Yes, I know property taxes pay for schools and such, but that could change too.

9. All parking spots should be made larger.
   I don't know if that would help people to park more in between the lines, but it would be nicer for people driving anything bigger than a Yaris.

10. Healthy food shall no longer cost more than the unhealthy kind.
     I could probably save $100 a month on food if I was willing to eat some of the crap out there. There are things I just refuse to buy because of what's in them. No one should have to choose junk over healthy. But, they do.

What is one thing you would choose if you could?


  1. Number 8 please! i loathe neverending taxes!!!!!

    1. They always say the only absolutes in life are death and taxes. That's just not right, is it?

  2. Yesterday was Presidents Day. So, it's no wonder that Tuesday snuck up on you by surprise. All those wild Millard Fillmore Masquerade parties can totally tucker you out. But, thank goodness you didn't go to any Lincoln bashes. You'd need like that a hole in the head. Oooh, too soon???
    Oh, as far as #9 goes: not only parking spots should be larger.

    1. Does everybody know about those parties?
      Do you want bigger feet, Al?

  3. You're so funny. These are all really profound except the parking spot one. I agree with you on that one, too. But I thought it was just my lousy parking skills that account for the fact I always park on or over the lines. Anyway, I'd vote for you, Ruth. I hope you'll run for something.

    1. Why thank you, Robyn. I don't know if many people would vote for me. I make too much sense.

  4. This was a great list - especially since I agreed with all of it. What would I change? The way the Presidential elections are run. I'd like to see the Presidency won by popular vote. Also, all the money involved. I'd like to see that change completely.

    1. Good idea, Belle. Sometimes the electoral college isn't a true representation. The money part is bad. The people most deserving of the office of president will never get in just because they don't have the money to run.


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