Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Christmas Memories

I am a little late today, but my clock/calendar says it is still Tuesday so I'm good.

Christmas has never been my favorite holiday.
Growing up, it was never all I thought it would be.

I never got a pile of gifts and a belief in Santa.
My mom didn't believe in that.

Sometimes I get caught up in the not so fun Christmas times.
They weren't all so bad.

This weeks Ten Things Tuesday is about Christmas memories.
The good and the bad

1. My grandma died
  The coroner listed the date of the death as December 22, but they weren't sure. She was found by my aunt on Christmas Eve.  24 years ago this year and I still remember that day.

2. My cat climbed the Christmas tree
   She was a pretty rotund kitty and as she neared the top, the tree started to fall. My mom caught her and the tree.

3. Kiddo's first Christmas
   We had a tiny 3 foot tall artificial tree. I turned on the lights, put her in her carrier, and set her in front of the tree. She was mesmerized.

4. Honeyman stringing up lights in the garage
   We always go to Christmas Eve at the inlaws. Not a ball of fun. But, we do it. Anyway, when we got home he backed the car into the garage and he had put up Christmas lights. We didn't see them when we left because we usually keep the car out except when the weather is bad.
He was so excited to see our surprise.

5. Picture time
   My mother-in-law used to always have this thing about family pictures at Christmas. Ever since my brother-in-law got divorced she has never done family pictures, even though he always has his sons. It is weird, but we just don't question it.
Anyway, when Kiddo was a toddler she was hungry, but she couldn't eat because pictures came first and other people were late. We had to wait for them to do pictures. She was not happy in those pictures.

6. A robe and nightshirt
   When we were kids we got 2 gifts from Mom and Dad and  they were not always toys. One year all three of us got a nightshirt and a robe. Maybe it was because I'm the youngest, I don't know. But, I didn't mask my disappoint too well and Mom got mad.
Give me a break! I was a kid and I wanted something fun.

7. Pissing off my mom from 200 miles away
   We don't go to my parent's home for Christmas. We go out about a week later. It has been that way for years. Last year they got it in their heads I was going to be there. I never said I would because I never do. About noon, I wasn't there and my sister called from Mom's and asked me because she didn't think I was going but the parents were sure. Mom blew up. I could hear her screaming. I felt bad for my sister. Later I called and talked to Dad and I didn't even talk to her. She was still pissed.
It's a gift!

8. A boyfriend getting me something he likes
  Technically we weren't together at that time. It was all very complicated. But, anyway he gave me a keychain with Taz on it. He loved Taz(Tasmanian devil), I did not.

9. Christmas Bells
    My mom has this group of bells that she hangs up every Christmas. A few years ago, she didn't. That was the only year I remember she didn't put them up. It always seemed a sure sign of the season when the bells went on the door.

10. Going to Grandma's
     We always went to Grandma M.'s for Christmas. Except one year. We got to go to Grandma B.'s. We never went there because it took hours to get there. But, one year we got up, opened gifts, and got there in time for Christmas dinner.
Grandma and Grandpa were so happy.

Do you have any special memories of Christmas?


  1. I mostly remember being so excited it was hard to sleep. Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one gift so we could play before bed. I loved that part and Christmas morning. I'm sorry your parents didn't give you what you should have had for Christmas: lots of toys, laughter and love.

  2. Belle, I am glad you had good Christmas times. My husband always tries to make sure I have a good Christmas to try and make up for all the old ones.

  3. OK, buzz kills first:
    1. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer on December 25th, 1982.
    2. My stepfather died on December 26th, 1996.
    3. My father-in-law set my house on fire December 25th, 1999.
    4. My father-in-law fell down my cellar steps on December 24th, 1989 just as I was getting ready to give Mrs. Penwasser her "present." WINK WINK
    See? I'm not all yucks.
    Okay, back to "Al"
    1. My brother, posing as Santa Claus for our niece, set his "beard" on fire when his beer hit his cigarette on December 24, 1984. He wasn't hurt, but our niece was mortified. That he was drinking Lite beer.
    2. I broke my ankle on December 24th, 2002. This may seem bad, but it meant I wasn't able to move around to prepare dinner. I was placed next to the cooler of beer.
    3. I had duty with my squadron December 25, 1990. This also sounded sad, but, once again, no having to prepare dinner.
    4. I and my girlfriend, the future Mrs. Penwasser, had one invitation to Christmas breakfast, one invitation to Christmas, and one invitation to Christmas dessert in 1985. We couldn't move for days, but the food was delicious.
    5. I was in the Persian Gulf for Christmas, 1997. But, I was able to talk to my wife and kids via tele-conference. And they had pecan pie in the wardroom. Win-win, if you ask me.
    6. I was by myself in Keflavik, Iceland in 1988. A blizzard forced us to stay indoors, but I enjoyed the little tree and presents Mrs. Penwasser sent me. Wasn't too crazy about the can of tuna fish I had, though.
    7. As for the house on fire? Nobody got hurt and there was relatively little damage.
    8. My father-in-law only broke his ankle when he fell down the steps. That meant he wasn't able to help out with dinn....hey! That's MY job!
    God bless us, everyone!

  4. Oh, one more "buzz kill": I was food poisoned by the galley on my ship while were anchored in Palma, Spain, 1976.
    Feliz Navidad!

  5. Al, I think Christmas may have it out for you.

  6. My Great-Grandmother died on Christmas eve 10 years ago. Makes me glad I don't celebrate christmas. I wish we had a garage we could put lights in.

  7. Amber, We did our usual thing the year my grandma died. I hated it.

  8. That's why we converted to Buddhism.

  9. Al, Are you well on your way to enlightenment?


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