Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Redundancy

Being redundant is using more words than necessary to describe it, or repeating the word.

Some people don't realize they are doing that.

Saying the letters or words and than the word or words to describe it is what I am talking about.

Would you say LOL laugh?

No, you wouldn't.
Or at least I hope you wouldn't.

But, there are certain word redundancies that society seems to be OK with.
And it isn't until you say the words, you realize that just doesn't make sense.

So, here's my Ten Things Tuesday list of word redundancies- in no particular order

1. ATM machine
  We have all heard it. Most of use have said it before.
Why do you need to say machine? ATM means Automated Teller Machine, so you're saying Automated Teller Machine machine.

2. NFL football
  Maybe I don't pay enough attention to the rambling of the sports announcers on TV.
Or maybe this is new. Why do you need to say NFL football? NFL is National Football League.
Maybe they are saying it to differentiate this NFL and that other one over there, you know the one that plays chess.

3. ITBS tests
  This one is pretty much in Iowa, but I am sure every state has their own version.
ITBS stands for Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. When I was in school, we called it Basic Skills or Basic Skills Tests. When Kiddo was taking them( they only go through 8th gr.) she kept calling them ITBS tests. I'd tell her that if she was going to say the letters, not to say tests cause that didn't make any sense. Guess where she got the idea to call them that? The teachers. Yeah.

  I know, I know, I know. There are no words after this acronym. But, it popped in my head so I am going with it.
This means Laughing My Ass Off, Rolling On the Floor Laughing. I get it. It means that something is just hilarious in geek speak( even if it isn't really). But, you said laughing once, do you need to do it again? I think not.

5. FEMA disaster relief
  FEMA is Federal Emergency Management Agency. That is what they do- manage an emergency which means the same thing as disaster relief. Is saying aid so hard? I mean really, how often in this world is an emergency so awesomely good that FEMA has to be there?

6. NBA basketball
  Yes, I already covered sports, but this makes a little more sense because the NBA players are not doing a whole lot of basketball playing right now. So, you need to specify. National Basketball Association basketball.

7. Puree in a blender or food processor
  You can't puree by hand. You can mash, but not puree. Common sense says, " Hey, use this nice electric appliance over there." I understand if you don't cook a lot this information could come in useful. However, it still is redundant.

8. Whispers quietly
  Have you read this in books before? I know I have.  By very definition, a whisper is quiet. If it isn't, the person doing it obviously needs whisper lessons.

9. Cut into dice
  Once again, another cooking term. To dice is to cut something into small pieces or cubes. I am not sure why you need to instruct someone to cut into cut in small pieces.

10. Fill the oval in completely until no white is seen.
    You know those tests where you have to fill in ovals? Why does it say completely and until no white is seen? Do you need both? They mean the same thing.


  1. That was awesome, Ruth!

    I'm with you on how annoying these redundancies can be.

    I also dislike acronyms - I say stop being such a lazy "laughing your ass off" nitwit and spell out the words - lord help us if any of these acronym lovers make it big...language as we know it will be reduced to one big grouping of capital letters that could me absolutely anything.

    Like OMG = old man's garbage! See what I mean.
    How do I know my daughter is really saying "oh my god" - I keep asking her, "why do you keep bringing up the old man's garbage in every sentence?" She looks at me and rolls her eyes.

    Great post!

    Cheers, Jenny


  2. Oops, I'm guilty of the ATM Machine one, but -you're right- that's pretty idiotic. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. IDK, the SAT Test?

  4. Before I even scrolled down to read your list, I was thinking "ATM machine" - glad it was #1. That drives me nuts to hear.

  5. Jenny, I have an acronym dictionary website saved just so I can figure out what things mean. Doesn't always work, because of what you said. People come up with new ones all the time. I admit to using a few, but I still feel odd when I do so. It just doesn't feel right.

    Robyn, I hear it all the time so you're just being normal.

    Al, I didn't think of SAT test.

    laughingmom, That one was basically what inspired the list.

  6. And here I thought acronyms were a government thing. I've worked Federal and now State government, and they're both in love with acronyms. Nothing is spelled out any more.

  7. Yvonne, Another thing we can blame on the government. Sure it starts out simply, maybe even a good thing and than it all turns to shit.

  8. I'm not a fan of acronyms in general. I used to work for a company that insisted on using an acronym for every process and procedure. It got so bad that the corporate office actually published a guide to the company acronyms on our intranet.

  9. Plain Jane, Oh, that's bad. That would drive me nuts.

  10. funny stuff! A lot of these things, I have heard but never really thought about.

  11. Hahaha, aunt Ruth, my boyfriend is in the NFL, the National Forensics League, that is. (Debate)

  12. Debbie, Thanks. Sometimes I think too much about things.

    Rachel, That is something I didn't know. Now, you just ruined my #2.

  13. Although I am ROTFLMAO I am also quite certain that you're too smart for the average person...can't puree by hand...pffftt....as if I didn't know that :)

  14. Sandra, Not sure about that, but it is nice of you to say. Some days I don't feel too smart. You make me laugh.


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