Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- The 2am Epiphany

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I am one of those people that can never just lay down and go to sleep.
Even when I am exhausted, I seldom can.

Things just pop into my head and refuse to leave.

I have even gotten up and written emails to state senators before.

So, this week's Ten Things Tuesday is about some of the great ideas I get in the middle of the night when most people are actually sleeping.

1. I should redesign my blogs.
   That worked. Until, I thought I should add a favicon to Yummy Stuff. I already had one for Welcome to Me. Than I realized I couldn't remember how I got the favicon uploaded. So, I have one made to be finished another time. Apparently 2 am isn't such a good time to do that.

2. Leaving your windows open automatically sends a signal to a skunk to walk through your yard.
   At first, you think it is a coincidence, but after it happens every time you realize it is not.
If you've never had the privilege of a skunk walking within 20 feet of you, know the smell is so bad it could singe nose hairs. The smell on the road after one has been hit- tame by comparison.

3. I'll just get a Roku so I can get rid of Directv.
   I have Directv. I am far from being a fan, but living out in the sticks has its disadvantages and that is poor TV reception without a dish. Of course ESPN professional football and NFL Network football games would have to be streamed from "dubious sources" and Honeyman wants to watch TV and not the computer. That could be a little bump in my plan.

4. School should have a later start time.
  Getting up at 6am pretty much sucks when you are wide awake at 2. But, it still should start later. When buses are picking up students in the dark, it's a bit early.

5. Maybe I should just stay up until Kiddo heads to school and than go to bed.
   That would work if I didn't get super tired about an hour later so I decide to nap for a couple hours. Then I feel worse than if I had just stayed up. And yet, I still keep doing it. Will I never learn?

6. Hashtag sounds like an illegal activity.
   I actually twitted this one. But, come on. It does.

7. A quitter never quits and a twitter never twits.
  And this is why they call it tweet and not twit when you post.
See, I'm a good thinker this time of night.

8. I'll get on Facebook and actually turn my chat on and see what's going on.
  Apparently, I am the only one up. Hmmm, strange.

9. I should have started the dishes sooner.
  I have a compulsion that says the dishes need to all be done before bed. If I don't do them, I feel guilty in the morning when I see dirty dishes. I can go around thinking I am going to wait until morning. Then at midnight or later, I will see the sink and realize I have to do them.

10. I'll make donuts in the morning. Get started at 5.
    I make breakfast every morning. Kiddo doesn't realize how good she has it. I had cereal everyday and I got it myself. She gets eggs and toast or pumpkin pancakes.
The donuts?
Yeah, that never happens. I can never seem to drag myself out of bed at 5.

Honeyman tells me I just need to quit thinking when it is time to sleep. I can't help it. I am a thinker.
Except I don't sit like The Thinker, that would hurt my back.


  1. Amen to #4 an # 5. I agree with your hubby. We need to quit thinking when it is time to sleep. Talk about # 7, my twitter name is "blurbwatch" what is yours? This is Munir over here at Focus. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I do multiplication in my head. It takes about 2 hours of vegging in bed to fall asleep and thats with sleep aids.

  3. But, a squatter always squats.
    I had one heckuva time falling asleep Sunday night. So, I woke up Mrs. Penwasser and.....
    Three minutes later....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Exhibit A: Men are indeed pigs.

  4. I have one thing to say, concentrated cherry juice, that will put you to sleep darlin!

  5. Munir, I am Ruthepearson. Totally uninspired, I know.
    It is just so hard not to think.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Amber, I am a math on paper only person. I have to give kudos to anyone that that do it in their head.
    Sleeping pills don't work for me either.

    Al, I thought an exerciser did squats.
    Three minutes? I feel kinda bad for Mrs. Penwasser.

    Tracy, Never tried that. Thanks for the idea.

    wheatgerm, Thanks.

  6. So tired last night I kept falling asleep on the couch; when I went to bed, I was wide awake! Couldn't shut the brain down. Arrgh!!

  7. I've always had the same trouble so I read and do crosswords until I can't hold them in my hands any more. I find my night thinking is usually depressing, not like yours. :)

  8. mmm donuts, i could have some of those right now

  9. Sue, I do that too much.

    Belle, I used to think I'd read in bed, but I don't have a bedside lamp and would have to walk across the room when I was ready for sleep. I'm too lazy to want to do that.

    Tony, so could I.


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