Monday, November 21, 2011

I Love It!!!!

 I grew up watching WKRP in Cincinnati. This is one of my favorite episodes. Here is a little bit.

I laugh every time.


  1. I had forgotten that one and it is so funny! Thanks for posting it!

  2. I grew up watching that too and was friends with Loni Anderson's daughter in college. (She was the blonde in this snippet, right?) Thanks for the fun memory.
    Happy turkey time, Ruth.

  3. laughingmom, The whole episode is on Hulu. After I posted it, I went and looked. It said something about HuluPlus to watch it, but it let me.

    Robyn, Yep, that was Loni. That's interesting, small world.:)
    Happy Turkey Time to you too!

  4. The greatest clip from one of the greatest shows. I had just quoted the "As God as my witness" comment at work last week.
    Yes, Robyn, she was the blonde (great memory).
    Coming up in a few weeks, another memory from one of the greatest shows: Festivus For the Rest of Us.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Al, Festivus for the rest of us- I had forgotten about that one. I know, that is sad.
    My daughter thinks WKRP is boring. Can you believe that?

  6. I used to love that show and so did my girls! That was a great clip.

  7. For awhile one of the TV stations here was showing reruns and they just quit. I was not happy.

  8. I think this show is before my time.

  9. Nothing like the old shows! Very funny.

  10. DWei, Too bad... It was awesome.

    Debbie, I know.


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