Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The One About Thanksgiving

To all that will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow:

Have a good one!

To all others:

 Happy Thursday!

I really thought about reposting my lovely Thanksgiving post from last year.
Ultimately, I decided against it.
It is in the past and will remain so....
unless you really want to read how uninvited people came to dinner. If you do, go ahead and click here.

It's a different kind of year for me.
I have never been one to really enjoy the holidays.
Growing up holidays were more of an obligation to go somewhere and not necessarily where I wanted to go.

Since, we have moved here, we started our own day.
We stayed home.
I cooked.

It was small.
It was peaceful.
It was awesome!

This year is different.
We are going to my parent's home for the first time in ...
... over a decade?
Oh, wow.

I didn't realize it has been so long.

My parents are tickled to death.
All of their children under the same roof on a holiday.
That seldom happens.

I don't pick one day out of the year to be thankful.
I am grateful for things on a regular basis.
If I only waited til the 4th Thursday of every year, I'd really be a pain to live with.

But, Thanksgiving is not just about me and my thankfulness.
It is about my daughter being thankful she gets to see her cousins, aunts, and grandparents.
It is about my parents being thankful for having their whole family together.

So what if my nephew's ADHD drives everyone just a little bit insane.
So what If my mom is bound to blow a gasket at some time during the day.

I am determined that it is going to be a good day.

Now, I have to go make my deviled eggs.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving,
    what a cool read.
    Bless you.


  2. Have a great time. Something usually goes wrong at a family gathering, but you have the right attitude for it! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I just made a batch of deviled eggs too! I added bacon to the mix. Mmm.
    I'm happy for you, Ruth, to be able to celebrate with the whole family. Enjoy your blessings.

  4. I am thankful I'm not making deviled eggs. :)
    Great post, love the poem-like style.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Robyn, Ooooh, bacon. That sounds divine. I shall have to try that. It was a pretty good day.

    OT, Thanks. Same to you.

    Dawn, They sure were good though. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Deviled eggs are fantastic! Combine their after-effects with turkey and you can pretty much guarantee having the whole room to yourself.
    I am also thankful the day after Thanksgiving-I'm thankful I'm not one of the frenzied hordes on Black Friday.

  7. Al, Yes they are AWESOME! Also carb friendly for my diabetic sister.
    I don't shop on Black Friday. It brings out the crazies.


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