Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a Trade

We did it.
We really did it.

We traded this

for this

You just reach a point in your life where storing all the music you own on a hardrive in the car and better gas mileage are just not as important.

That and getting tired of trying to drive through this

and this

in a 2 wheel drive just wasn't working out.
Front wheel or not, it just doesn't.

Now, we are 4 wheeling it, when the occasion warrants.


  1. Congrats! Looks like the got the more fun and practical vehicle.

  2. Great swap!
    Yeah, four-wheelin's the bomb. Especially in the church parking lot.

  3. Robyn, Thanks. I will miss the stereo though.

    Al, In the parking lot? Be creative. Find a boggy area( or our road when it's a wet spring and lack of gravel) and go muddin'.

  4. Have fun! Looks much more able to handle the Iowa weather.

  5. Sue, I know! Bring on the snow. Just wait a bit cause I'm not ready yet.

  6. Me neither, I am not at all ready for snow yet. We had snow during the third week of snow. I loose all my stamina. Hi this is Munir over here at Focus. I will pray if you will.

  7. I meant third week of March. Don't ind me I cannot think straight when I think of snow, at least I can blame my age. a lot of speeding drivers don't think either.

  8. Munir, I really don't want snow either. We have had way too much the last few years.
    Every year a lot of people seem to forget how to drive in snow.


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