Monday, September 19, 2011

Each Death Brings You Closer to You Own Mortality

This is one of Honeyman's bits of wisdom.
I think the older we get, the more true it is.

When I was younger, I went to sooo many funerals that death just never phased me like some people.
It was just a part of life.

People are born.
People die.
It just happens.

It is sad, but that is how it is.

My dad's side of the family is pretty large.
He was born #4 out of 14 children.
Both of his parents came from large families too.

So, there were always people going toward the light.

Nobody likes funerals.
I hated them.

If it was family I went.
I didn't know them or maybe even who they were.
But, I went.

As I have gotten older, death hits me more.

I don't know if it is because Kiddo almost died.
I don't know if it is realizing my parents are old and the end will be only a matter of time.

My father has emphysema and high blood pressure that does not want to be controlled.
It makes me sad.

Saturday I went to a family gathering for an uncle that passed a week ago.
He didn't want a funeral of any kind.
So, we had a picnic.

It was really nice to see and talk to family that I haven't seen for a very long time.
It was also sad to think that it might not be so long before this is done again.

I really truly believe the lesson in people dying is that we need to show the people we love that we care.
Not one of us is given a set amount of time on this earth.

And no one should ever forget that.


  1. So true. We never know when our time will be up. I like the message in this post, Ruth.
    Be well.

  2. I agree; we need to show love to people while they are here with us. I think about my mom sometimes. She is 84 now and I do feel nervous about the future.

  3. Absolutely true. I think you know my point of view about life and death. I don't fear death all that much because I'm convinced there's something more. I don't mean clouds, harps, wise men who look like Morgan Freeman, or any of that. But, something. If I'm right, see you on the other side.
    If I'm wrong, then I won't know any better. Oh, well, look on the bright side. I can sleep in until the sun implodes. Then set the snooze alarm for another billion years.
    I saw a pretty cool sign today. It said: "Enjoy life while you can. Nobody gets out alive."

  4. Robyn, Thanks.

    Belle, I hope you have your mother around for a long time yet.

    Al, That is a very good saying. I am not exactly sure what I believe. I don't think our spirits die with our bodies. How else would ghostly things happen in my house? But, beyond that I am always questioning.

  5. I think you're right, the older we get the more we think about death. I'm thinking about it 'cause hubby is older than me and is having some health issues. I know I'll see him again, and that keeps me from getting too sad. Still though, I think about it. Here's to a lot more healthy and happy years!

  6. Alex, It's hard not to worry. I will drink to that.


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