Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kidless in Monroe

Kiddo has left the building!

She's my little homebody and she actually left home.
She went out and about with her grandparents and gonna spend the night there.

I am going to be all alone.
Honeyman is sleeping and than he will go to work.

So, I am just having a nice relaxing day.

I do need to go do something with tomatoes.
I am not sure what.
Juice, just can, or make more salsa.

I'll think on it.

Been a pretty good week.

I found out I can barter some veggies for farm eggs.

I found out that my credit union will not give me as good of an interest rate on an auto loan as a dealership.
Does that not seem backwards to you?

I found out that farmers around here are missing a cow/steer here or there.
So, I must be on the lookout.
And try and read the tag so we can figure out which farmer it belongs to.
Sure, that'll be easy.
I hope one of them doesn't come eat my garden.

Who says Iowa is boring?
We have cows on the loose.
Maybe a steer too.


  1. Well holy cow! I hope they don't go after your tomatoes. My vote would be for salsa, but it's all good.

    Happy weekend, Ruth.

  2. Robyn, So do I. I opted for juice since I did salsa 2 days ago. I'll have more tomatoes in a few days for more salsa.
    You have a good weekend too.

  3. Okay, you're officially one funny Iowa girl, I love that cows pic too. I say can the tomatoes and send some over here, will ya? Watch out for those cows now, you may want to 'steer' clear of them..ha ha :)

  4. The cow picture with captions made me laugh. Yes, it's getting to that time of year when veggies come into the house or they will freeze their little veggie tails soon. It's been lovely in Montana but the nights are getting downright cold already. Won't be long. At least I can trade my lawnmower in for a show shovel. Ha

  5. I never that Iowa is boring. Cows are neat and in India Hindus worship them. They may stay away from your garden, depends on how full they will be.
    About the auto loans? Yes it used to be backwards, I mean we always got a good deal from either crdit unions or banks even, never a dealer. I guess dealers are accomodating the customers as good business. Hi this is Munir over here at Focus.

  6. We have an occasional cow walking up our road every now and then too. Gotta love the country. I'm jealous of the "alone" time you had. I need much more of that than I get.

  7. Alex, Thanks.I made juice. If I get enough for me, I will let you know. :) Steer clear-ha.

    Manzanita, I thought it was funny too. I bet it is getting cold in Montana. No more mowing-yes! But, I don't wanna shovel either.

    Munir, Many years ago, I knew this Indian man that played softball, but he wouldn't use a glove since it was leather.

    Debbie, It takes a special person to mother several children well, especially when some of them are triplets. I am not patient enough so I had to stop with one.

  8. Robyn: A Holy Cow farm is where the Vatican gets their hamburgers.
    OK, Ruth, a coupla observations:
    1. Who loses a frikkin' COW!?
    2. Credit union/auto dealership: yes, most bass ackwards.
    3. What I tell Mrs. Penwasser: Kids out of the house=world's finest aphrodisiac. Ooops. TMI?
    4. Barter veggies for farm eggs? Be careful, that's how feudalism started.
    5. "...need to go do something with tomatoes."
    " Juice, just can, or make more salsa" makes much more sense (and is much less icky) than "dinner and a show."

    Finally, a lame cow joke:
    Q: Why do cows wear bells?
    A: Their horns don't work
    I'll go away now.

  9. Al,
    1. I really don't know. One of the farmers always seems to have fences in need of repair. Another I have no clue. He's been missing a steer for 3 weeks.
    2. I don't know why we bothered to try to go through them. Last time we tried for a loan- they said no and a dealership said yes. Why I thought this time might be different, I don't know.
    3. I agree with your kids kids out of the house/aphrodisiac idea.
    4. You say that like it's a bad thing.
    5. Just ewww!


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