Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Great Websites to Checkout

We all have our favorite websites.
Sometimes we just find one and just have to share.

And since I am so much the sharing person, this is this week's Ten Things Tuesday.

Here are some websites I just have to share.

1. VPI Hambone Award
  This is given out by a pet insurance company for remarkable claims. It is quite funny what some pets do  from eating rocks to getting stuck in a refrigerator and eating an entire ham. You can vote for your favorite.

2. The Onion
  Read or watch some faux news. Nothing seems to be off limits and I know when I go there, I am going to laugh. A lot.

3. Allrecipes
  This site has tons of recipes posted by cooks all over. One of my favorite parts of the site is the recipe finder. You can list ingredients you have and ingredients you don't and you will get a list of what you can make. I have found some great recipes that way.

4. Downrightnow
  Are you ever having trouble with a site and wonder if it's your connection or the website? Go here and check.

5. Internet Slang Dictionary
  Do you ever look at all these letters and not know what they mean? Like MILF or PMPL?
Sometimes I can figure them out, but there are some I just have no clue. So, I cheat and go here.

6. National Traffic and Road Closure Information
   If you go on vacation and are driving, this is a great place to check on road construction or maybe weather related closings.

7. Speedtest
   Do you wonder if you are getting what you pay for with your internet? Wonder no more. Click on the city that is closest to your location and see how fast you really are.

8. Movie Quotes
   I am a movie quote junkie, which I am sure you already know if you have been a reader for long.
This site has a movie quotes game to play or you can look up quotes.

9. Think Exist
   This is another quote site. Except here you can find all kinds of quotes to match whatever you want. You can search by person or topic. Funny or serious. It's in there.

10. Titan TV
    This is an online TV guide. You can search 2 weeks out and customize it to cable or satellite company in your area.

I am also a search junkie and that is how I found all of these places.

Do you have any favorite websites you'd like to share?


  1. I like Allrecipes, too. They have such great ideas!

  2. The onion is a scream. I howl every time I look at the site.

  3. Wow, all these unusual sites are real? I'll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Laila, There are sites for everything, it seems. :)

  5. Well, I'm going to go to Think Exist right now. I'm always in need of quotes, and quotes, and more quotes. Check out my latest post, Ruth, I gave you a little award.

  6. Yvonne, I hope you find some good ones.
    Thanks for the award. I'll come right over.

  7. My dream job is to write for the Onion. There's no media source of "news."
    Fun post, Ruth.
    Have a great week.

  8. Oops, I meant "no better souce" not "no media source". Where did that come from? Excuse my weird brain waves.

  9. Robyn, Maybe a Freudian slip? Sometimes one wonders about what passes for news.
    But, that does sound like an awesome job.


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