Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes, It's Me

I haven't finished my music yet. D:
But, I am under 40,000 songs to go.
Yay me!

I have learned a few things.
Some people don't know who sang what song.
It's not that they misspelled.

They are just wrong.
AC/DC never sang Smoke on the Water.
For God sakes, it doesn't even sound like them.

By the way, it is Deep Purple.
But, for someone that downloads a song, you'd think they would know.

Also, how many greatest hits albums do artists need to make?
Box sets,collections, just a greatest hits single cd.
Some people have like 5 or 6, maybe more since I am not done.
And they keep putting some of the same songs on all of them.

I did take off Thursday and got most of my garden planted. Had to do it before all the storms and rain.
We are going to have a ton of serranos. Oh my God! Honeyman bought 20 plants so we'd have plenty.
Just 4 gives me tons.

And Saturday night, I went to a surprise birthday party. That was fun.
A friend turned 40.

I hope you enjoy the video.
Flyleaf is pretty good. We saw them in concert a couple years ago. Good times!


  1. Wow, you are really committed to this music stuff uh? Good for you, I am impressed. And yes, some artists haven't come up with any new stuff in centuries, they just recycle their old stuff .

  2. Al, Glad you liked it.

    Alex, I am getting a bit burned out on it. I may need to actually be committed before long.


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