Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- TV ShowsThat Never Should Have Been Cancelled

Why do all the good shows leave us way too soon? Most of the time we are left with substandard crap that should have been cancelled long before now.

But, that is another list.

Some shows are older, some newer.
But, they all left way too soon.

Here we go-

Ten TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Cancelled:
1. The Dana Carvey Show
  If you have even seen him on Saturday Night Live, you know the type of show you are going to watch. It only lasted for a couple months.

2. Brisco County Jr.
  I loved this show. Of course I love Bruce Campbell. You have cowboys, orbs, and an eccentric scientist played by John Astin.
It lasted one season.

3. Better Off Ted.
  If you have never seen this show, you are not alone. You also don't know what you are missing.
It lasted two hilarious summer seasons.
It takes place in an office of a big conglomerate named Veridian Dynamics where they make anything. The show also has mock commercials for the fake company.

4. Arrested Development
  This show made it three years. So, that isn't bad. But, it was funny and I wish it hadn't left so soon. It was different and not to everyone's taste. It was about a truly dysfunctional family and how they get along. And don't forget the dad went to prison for tax evasion so the family is strapped for cash.

5. Wolf Lake
  A show about werewolves that inhabit a small town in Washington state. Lou Diamond Phillips is a man in town searching for his girlfriend who is from there. It lasted one season

6. American Gothic
  This also lasted one season. It's set in South Carolina and the sheriff is almost devil like.

7. Undeclared
  This comedy lasted one season. It is about a student in college that is undeclared and his transition from home life to college life.

8. Sledge Hammer!
  This lasted two seasons. David Rasche plays Sledge Hammer in a parody of cop shows.
It was hilarious. He talked to his gun and it was just a really fun show to watch.

9. Best of the West
  I loved this show when I was a kid. It only lasted a season. It was about a man that moves his family out to the wild west.

10. Cities of the Underworld
    Now I know this show ran for a few years, but I really loved it. I am not a history buff, but I thought it was cool seeing what once was under our feet. Cities built on top of cities.The ways slaves actually had to get through from house to house on the underground railroad. Under the Parthenon.
Just really cool.

So, do you have any shows that you wish were still around?


  1. Sadly I don't watch any of those.

  2. OT, The only one I get to watch is Better Off Ted because I have the DVD of the first season. I need to get #2 someday.
    I don't watch much of anything that is on right now.

  3. I don't think that I saw any of these. I really liked Pushing Daisies but it only had 2 seasons.

  4. Loved Wolf Lake! Seems the story line was a little similar to The Twilight Series with their vampires/werewolves theme. Wish the show had lasted longer. I liked Sledgehammer too. Didn't he blow up the city? :)

    I really liked Reaper from CW. And, Pushing Daisies. Both shows were victims of the writer's strike and ended after two seasons.

  5. What??? Cities of the Underworld is cancelled! Oh man, I love that show! :(

  6. I'm thinking "My Mother the Car" and "Cop Rock" aren't good choices...?

  7. laughingmom, I never did see that show. Not sure why.

    Bev, Yes, Sledge blew up the city at the end of the first season and than they brought the show back and made it like 4 years earlier. Totally disregarding the fact that his partner was new when the show started. Strange that I recall that.
    I never saw Reaper either.

    Tracy, I know. I waited and waited for new ones and now the guy is doing another show. I can't remember what it is called though. Once in a while they show the reruns.

    Al, Whatever floats your boat.


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