Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On My Knees

That's where I spent most of my afternoon.

not in a fun way at all.

But, it was all for a good cause.
 We are getting ready for the garden. Yay! Honeyman is tilling as we speak/ write. Whatever.
I can't wait until all our trees get big and block the neighbors house. They ruin my view.
 This is my weeping willow. I always wanted one. I can't wait til it's big and all weepy.
Please ignore the fact that my house is two different colors. We tell people we are in the middle of painting. We still have the green paint, but it never got finished and now Honeyman decided to paint it back white. Cause white is cheaper. Just letting that one go.
 These are some of the weeds I was on my knees pulling so they wouldn't wrap around the tines of the tiller. Cause I am awesome like that. I think my back may hate me, but that's OK.
I'll have me a monkey water bath later.
Here's one of my rhubarb plants that came up. After the garden flooded so bad last year, I didn't know if any would. But, two did. Yay! Cause I loves rhubarb pie!

I am so ready to plant and have fresh veggies and fruit. I love spring!


  1. Nothing wrong with having a garden. My kids have a few tomato plants blooming up right now.

  2. I admire your strength, tenacity and time to have a garden. I suck at growing things, unless you count the dust bunnies under the bed...


  3. OT, That's great. It's a little cool for tomato plants here yet. Soon, very soon.

    Jamie, I cannot imagine having all my land and not a garden. I grew up with a garden so I knew whenever I had a yard I would.
    I can't grow flowers for some reason. They just die. But edible stuff works. So do my dust bunnies.

  4. I love rhubarb pies too. I've always wanted a weeping willow tree. They are so beautiful and get so large.

  5. I haven't had rhubarb pie since I was a kid. Dad always had rhubarb plants, and mom always was cooking with them, although I was the only child out of five who liked the flavor. My yard is too damp for them here.

  6. Belle, My great aunt had one in her yard and I thought it was the coolest tree ever.

    Yvonne, That's too bad you can't grow them there. I wonder if you could make a raised bed for them.

  7. I love Willow trees too, they're so beautiful when full grown. Rhubard what? I heard about it but never tried it. I wish I could have a garden, but the soil here is way yucky, that's a technical term for I can't grow anything worthwhile.

  8. Alex, Rhubarb is a plant where you eat the stalks. It comes up every year. It is sour unless you use a fair amount of sugar. That's too bad about your soil.

  9. We had a willow tree at the house I grew up in, and I want one of my own someday. Just love them.

    I'm planning on getting everything planted next week--finally some great warmer weather just around the corner!

  10. Sue, I am going to do my onions tomorrow and maybe lettuce too.
    So glad warmer weather is finally here.


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