Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Reasons I Really Want Mr. Trump to Run For President

As I was taking a break, I realized
A. I needed to clean my toilet
B. it is time for my Ten Things Tuesday, seeing how it is Tuesday and all.

I got my toilet out of the way.

So, here we go.

I know many of you are probably thinking what reason could I possibly have for wanting Donald Trump to run for president.
Why not?

I know he bowed out yesterday. But, he could still change his mind.

So, in no particular order.

Ten Reasons I really want Donald Trump to run for president.

1. I can't get enough hair jokes on late night TV. The man was born for hair jokes.

2. He does such a great job answering reporters questions.

3. As Mr. Trump knows all about bankruptcy, I am  curious to know if he would file bankruptcy for our country. Maybe file with the world bank. Would it work?

4. I would love to see him at the Iowa State Fair. Not that I go, but it would be on the news and that would be awesome.
Can you imagine? The heat and humidity and pig stink of a state fair in August in Iowa.
He in a suit and being oh so comfortable.
Oh he'd go. We do have the first caucus after all. All the candidates go. Whoopee!

5. I wanna see his birth certificate. Not the one that comes from the hospital. The long form. You know the one that says if he was born a dumbass or what.

6. He really seems to know what he is talking about. You know. About everything.

7. I wanna hear him fire some campaign staffers. " You're fired!"

8. This kinda ties to the above. He could do apprentice or celebrity apprentice with the contestants as his staffers. Could be interesting.

9. He'd give Rosie O'Donnell something to talk about. Or bitch about. You decide.

10.  I'd really love to see him flip some pancakes on the campaign trail.
Somehow I think that would be  a first for him.


  1. I don't want him to run because I am tired of Rosie O'Donnell speaking.

  2. Hilarious... I never liked the guy... so I'm glad he's not running....

  3. OT, LOL

    Zack, Thank you. I never really liked him either.

  4. I think if he were to get elected, that no one in the world would take us seriously every again. I mean, we're not exactly in the best times to choose the funniest guy for the campaign, but it would be more of a fun trainwreck to watch than Sarah Palin. Maybe she'll step up?


  5. What a humorous Ten things list. I used to think he might be a good candidate for office but then his actions and statements as of late caused me to re-consider.

    Now that you bring up late night TV, I may want him to run again just to give Leno, Letterman, Conan, etc. more material, lol.

    It would definitely make for an entertaining evening after a long day of work for many people around the country :)

    The Madlab Post

  6. Auto,
    I don't think we can ever truly count out Palin.

    He was starting to get pretty out there, wasn't he?


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