Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Organizational Skills- What Organizational Skills?

As the saying goes-
When God was hanging out organizational skills, I was in the wrong line.

I have always had a strange kind of method to my madness
and it USUALLY ends up working out pretty well.

I just get tired of doing the same thing the same way over and over again.
It gets boring.

I think that's why Honeyman doesn't want me mowing.
He has a specific way he wants the yard mowed and I may do it wrong.
I know that's why.
He told me so.

Let him spend 4 hours a week mowing the yard.
I don't care.

But he won't help me weed or pick strawberries because I will start out going one way and get tired of that and start somewhere else and he gets confused.

Lately though my lack of skills is a bit of a problem.
Nothing is really getting done.

Well, the stupid music files.
But, not much else.

Since I don't plan my posts ahead of time, I run into problems.

I have awards to give out/pass on.
But, I keep forgetting and something else pops into my head.

Or something pops into my head when I am nowhere near the internet and I don't write it down anywhere.
I forget what charming thoughts I had going on.

I also need to thank more followers and I have not done that in a while.

I don't know where my daughter gets it.
She is always making lists.
When she was little and would have a sleepover, she'd make a list of what all they were going to do and at what time they were going to do that.

I make grocery lists, but usually forget to put everything on it.
I make lists of my bills to get paid.
That's about it.

Maybe I'll get better? Is it possible?

Or maybe I'll just get shit on by the more organized.


  1. I can't keep my mind on one thing long enough to finish it. That's why I am always reading 2-4 books at a time! Arrgh!!

  2. Sue, I've done that before too.


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