Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Movies Everyone Seems to Love But Me

I know.
It's another movie one.

But, seriously.
These are just too easy.
I could make a million lists about movies.

Now, I thought about saying movies that people love and I hate.
But, some I don't really HATE.
I just don't really like and I don't want to waste my time watching.

So, here's this weeks list.

Movies Everyone Seems to Love But Me

1. Hangover.
Since the sequel just came out, this comes to mind first.
I never got why EVERYONE seemed to think that it is "the funniest movie ever".
OK, where's the funny? Cause I am just not seeing it.

2. Pulp Fiction
Chances are if it a movie made by Quentin Tarantino, I am not going to like it.
Plus, I hate movies that end and start the same way. I don't like different stories inside one movie. I like one movie and one storyline and no Quentin Tarantino.

3. Avatar
First of all, visually I didn't find it anything special.
Next is the fact that the storyline lacked originality. Take a bunch of different movies, mash them together, paint them blue and call it awesome.

4. Old School
Once again. Where's the funny? Maybe a couple spots were a little humorous, but not hilarious. Not what I want to watch ever again. Plus I don't like Luke Wilson. His brother Owen, I like. Maybe they should have given him the part.

Boat sinks. We already knew that. Next!

6. The Notebook
I am not a lover of the chick flick. I know I am a chick, but I find very few romantic movies worthy of my watching.
I get the whole thing that the young people got separated and she got engaged to some else. I get that they still had feelings... actually no, I don't get that. She loved one man and yet promised to marry another. Goes back to see first love and gets all cozy with him while still being engaged.
How is that such a great love story?
Everyone else sees how much they love each other. I look at the woman as somewhat sad and pathetic.

7.Planet of the Apes
New or old version. My mom watched EVERY Planet of the Apes movie ever made and as a small child I had to see them too.
Got on somewhat questionable authority the remake was pretty good. No. It wasn't.
Still about talking apes that take over the world.

This movie was supposed to be brilliant. By Disney and very good visually. However, it was all music and no speaking. To my mind boring.

Will Smith had me as a bad ass super hero and than the whole thing with the woman and him being super beings and having to stay apart kinda lost me. It was good before that. After, not so much. Just took a really bad turn.

10.War of the Worlds
Tom Cruise runs from aliens with his kids. I never thought Tom Cruise was worth a crap in movies with any action. Yes, that includes the Mission Impossible movies. (OK. I liked Top Gun, but all he did was fly a plane.)
The ending was stupid and the effects didn't seem any better to me than The War of the Worlds made in 1953.

What movie did you get confused by everyone's apparent love for?


  1. While I really dug Pulp Fiction, Avatar, and Titanic, The Hangover confuses me as well. First one was okay, but it blew my mind how much the sequel made this weekend. (I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 instead.)

  2. Alex, I'd like to see Kung Fu Panda 2 also.

  3. I never got Titanic- particularly when people kept seeing it over and over - Did they think the ending was gonna be different sometime? I've never watched the entire movie.

  4. The book War of the Worlds is awesome but the latest movie sucks. I agree with you on most of these except... Titanic.. that was just awesome.. and that coming for a guy like me... I watched it several times and cried.. haven't EVER cried in movies before and never will.. but it touched the inner boy...

  5. Laughingmom, I never sat through the whole thing either.

    Zack, I know a lot of people that liked it. Sometimes when I see a movie and don't enjoy it like other people seem to, I tend to wonder if I just have odd tastes.

  6. I guess I liked Titanic because of the actors and the love story. I liked the look of Avatar, but I agree the story has been done before. Planet of the Apes? Now that one I loved, both the old and the new.

    Everyone has different taste, Sometimes there is something in a movie that just touches your funny bone or heart, yet others can't see it. Some of the movies my husband loves I cannot stand to watch.

  7. I absolutely can't stand the Titanic, and I am glad that I am not the only person I know now. I do like Avatar for the graphics, but not really the plot-line. And the Hangover? Well, besides staring at Bradley Cooper I think it's because everyone wishes that this was their weekend in Vegas.


  8. Belle, That is true. We all like different things. My mom used to say if everybody liked the same things the world would be a boring place to live.

    Tours In Venice, When it comes to movies, I pay more attention to the plot and less to the graphics.
    That's a good theory about Hangover. Never looked at it that way.

  9. I didn't care too much for Pulp Fiction, and I totally agree with you about Fantasia. I saw it when I was young, and I still didn't like it. Personally, I can't stand all those stupid vampire movies and Harry Potter

  10. Alex, I got all those vampire movies for Kiddo for Christmas. I have never seen a one though.

  11. I agree with you on some of those movies a few of those I actually liked. I like this. Look forward to reading more :)


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