Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sleepless in Iowa

I am still up and I wish I knew why.
In about 2 hours, when I feel like going to sleep, I will be having to get Kiddo up for school.

Such is life.

And then when she heads off on the bus, I will head to bed and I won't get anything done tomorrow,err today.

All I did in bed was lay there so figured I might as well get up.
So I posted on yummy stuff and now I am posting on here.

I should be cleaning since I will be sleeping later.
But, I am not.

I seem to say that a lot.

I should be___________ but I'm not.

Maybe they should put that on my tombstone.
But, that isn't gonna work.

Cause I want cremated.
No urn.
Just throw me in the dirt and plant flowers on me.

I've had that plan for as long as I can remember.

I just see no sense in having me stay unhealthily preserved for all eternity 6 feet under where no one will see me.
Or, however long the embalming fluid preserves a person for anyway.

I should go know cause I got nothin'.

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