Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Have Nothing, Nothing I Tell Ya!

I just realized today I have no wrapping paper.

Ok, I do.

A tiny little bit of birthday wrap.
It has balloons all over it.

I am also almost out of clear tape.

In years past, I'd have everything wrapped.
But, this year I've been putting it off .
And now I realize I have nothing.

I am busy today and tomorrow so I probably can't get anything until Thursday and the weather is supposed to be bad.

I know there is still Friday.
But, if weather is bad, I may be snowed it.

So, I might end up wrapping gifts in newspaper.
And possibly masking tape.

But, I guess they will be covered.
And that is the point of wrapping things.

I also need to start my Christmas baking.
I give out baked goods to friends.

I have one to give out this afternoon and I have no freaking clue what I am going to bake.
I have about 5 hours to get it figured out and baked and over to their place.

I suppose I need to get my butt in gear and see what I can come up with.


  1. Tell everybody this year you're going green, and you're saving the planet's trees, so no wrapping paper. I love baked goods, I love to receive them that is, how about I send you my address?

  2. I think I would just go to the bakery and buy stuff! And for wrapping, by bags, lots and lots of xmas bags, easiest way to wrap!

  3. You can do it! And if all else fails turn the bday paper inside out and wrap those gifts with it! :)


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