Friday, December 24, 2010

Overprotection Class 101

I am wondering if there's a class somewhere to teach this or does it just come naturally?

Because if there is such a class, I think Honeyman should be the teacher.

My sister says it's a man thing.
Maybe so.

But, it is still a bit annoying.
OK, if you're my daughter, a lot annoying.

She's 14 and he is worried about letting her shop around a Walmart by herself.
Or in an area by herself.
We'd still be in the store.

But, it was something convincing him that she could even stay home by herself for even a little bit.

I'm not even supposed to answer the door at night.

It could be the boogie man comin' to get me.

It's crazy.

I know he worries, but isn't that just a bit excessive?

I lived alone and took care of myself for how many years before he came along.
I am nearing 40, for the love of God!

Strangely though, he doesn't worry about me going out somewhere though.
He just worries that someone is going to come here and do mean things.

I don't get the man.
I have known him for 15 years and somethings I just don't get.

And I probably never will.

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