Saturday, December 18, 2010

But, It's My Penny

Guess what the insurance company sent me?

A check for a penny.

That's right.

Now, I can go out and buy that piece of midget tootsie roll I always wanted.

I knew they'd send it.
It would have made too much sense to add that penny onto the last check I got from them.

On orthodontia, they only pay a maximum of $1500.
Which is crap to begin with.

They pay half the amount, but only to $1500.
So, if your kid has messed up teeth because a tube being shoved down her throat knocked the baby teeth out and in turn caused the adult teeth to come in every which a way, it is just too bad.

But, that's a whole other thing.

They sent checks for half of every appointment up to the maximum.

If they would have given me that extra penny that would be more than 50 %.

So, my maximum last month was 1499.99 so they had to send that penny.

Honeyman had other checks so he took it with him to the credit union.
They laughed at him for cashing it.
They had never seen a check for a penny.

Why laugh at him?
That company was dumb enough to print him a check for a penny.

It's my penny.
I'll take it if I want to.

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