Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's A Gift

I have always had this really unique gift.
It is the ability to piss off my parents like no one else.

I really don't know how I do it,
I just do.

And now I find that I can do it from 200 miles away without doing absolutely anything.

Am I good or what?

For some reason, I was expected to be out to my parents today.
We never go out on Christmas.
Always a few days after.

But, I get a phone call from my sister at noon to see if I was going out there.
I said no and Mom went ballistic.

I could hear her yelling from across the room.

She fixed all this extra food.
Not my fault.

I called tonight and only talked to Dad.
Apparently she was still mad, because he didn't ask if I wanted to talk to her when I asked how she was.

Dad said they expected me because I have been out there every other year.


We always stay home.
We have not gone out there on Christmas day for several years.

I guess I am going to have to call every year and let them know.

What's Christmas without a little drama?

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  1. Nothing like a little Christmas drama to liven up the holidays. It seems to me 200 miles is not exactly around the corner, by the time you'd got there, the food would have been cold.


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