Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Curses You, Credit Cards

Why do all the financial experts tell you to call the credit card companies and ask for a better rate?
You have to be firm.
Threaten to take your business elsewhere.

Does this really work for anybody?
Cause I've tried.
More than once.

Nothing they can do.

Credit cards are supposed to be a good way to rebuild credit.
I don't know who came up with such a stupid idea.

That works.
If not a thing changes so you can pay it off.

I had plans.

Than I had to buy my third riding lawn mower in 5 years so we opted to get a better one.
On credit.

That's OK.
We're fine.

Than we need to buy new tires for the car.
So we can't pay it off right away.

Than we start paying the orthodontist again.
Higher payments this time.

Less money to pay off mower.

Credit card companies decide to raise interest rates for...
well, just cause they can.

The credit card companies won't lower interest rates,
places don't want to refinance my house.

I really just want to sell all my stuff, pay off my debt, and go live in a cave.
With a bed.
So I can curl up in a ball.

It's just been a really long day.


  1. One of my friends tells her children that eating in fancy places will give them the "C C " pains ie Credit Card pains.

    1. Munir, I get that. I tell my oldest sister that if she can get by fine without ever getting one to do never get one. We'd be so much better off without them.

  2. I'm sorry to read about your credit card woes. It is most aggravating when everything needs to be dealt with at the same time.
    If only the money tree I planted out back would bear fruit... I'd send a basket of it your way. Alas, all the tree has is a bad case of bugs!

    1. Jenny, I am just in a tough spot. The funny thing is that I wrote on their facebook page about them not wanting to lower my rate and all of a sudden they want to repair my relationship with them. Let's see where that goes.

    2. Excellent, Ruth - I believe they are better off lowering rates than causing people to outright stop paying and go into bankruptcy (or something to that effect).

      Life is hard enough without having the credit card companies get rich on our misfortunes and unforeseen expenses. It's not like you're jetting around the world on borrowed money.

      I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Keep smiling, no matter what. :) :)

    3. Thanks,Jenny. Sometimes I don't know how we got into this mess. Well, I do. Emergencies come up and than you have to pay it back and because it are paying it back you don't have money to pay for something so you have to charge more. Vicious cycle.

    4. Jenny, they wanted to talk but than said they couldn't do anything, unfortunately. I asked her what was the point of that except to waste my time. They want to touch base. For no reason except to make me mad again. I wonder if anyone who comes up with these ideas actually has working brain cells.

  3. NO - it doesn't work!! I've tried!! It's such a lie! Psh. Damn credit cards.

    1. Nicole, don't all these people say it works? It makes you wonder if the companies know who they work for. It's so the person will say it works and makes the credit industry look good.

  4. I have one credit card with no balance. If I do use it (rarely) I pay it off right away. I try and use the Dave Ramsey method--no credit card, always have an emergency stash, and pay cash or use a debit card. After so many early years of having credit card debt, I am so relieved to not have it anymore--and won't ever do it again. It helps that my boyfriend always pays cash for everything and won't use his credit card unless he has to--and then pays it off immediately. The stress relief is incredible and I wish I'd done better earlier in life.

    1. Good for you, Sue! It's hard crawling out of the muck! Right now we are working on paying it off and not using it again.

  5. I highly recommend Dave Ramsey's plan. It is a lot of work but it is worth it.

    1. Gail, I will have to look it up. :)

  6. We recently reviewed a few things and moved our credit card debt to another company offering a minimal special rate. At least this way, more we pay will go to reducing the balance instead of interest

    1. Mynx, I have thought of doing that too. But, I also don't really want to get anymore cards.

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