Monday, May 20, 2013

It Is That Day Again

It's time for another one of my " Don't give a shit" days.

I don't know why.
I had a good weekend.

OK, part of the weekend was great.
A little bit of it sucked.

My mortgage company won't help me.
They called Saturday to touch base with me.
Than told me I got denied because we can afford to pay the payment.

But, I can do a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

If my mortgage is current why in the hell would I do that?

A few months ago, my mortgage got sold AGAIN.
This time I don't even get to talk to someone I can understand.
The call center is in India and half of what they say I have to ask them to repeat.

I looked them up and apparently there are tons of complaints about them.

Ocwen- don't do business with them if you can help it.

What ever happened to getting a loan and having it stay with the same place?
Our bank sold the mortgage.
We refinanced.
They changed their name and than sold it.
That company sold it.
That company sold it.
And that company sold it.

I am not sure that is it, but you get the idea.

But, Saturday we went to a pizza party.
That was nice.

Sunday, I talked to my sister about leaving the PKG since Jesus didn't come this Pentecost either, like he was prophesied by the felon Ronald Weinland and she's gonna stay.
I did see that one coming.
I told her she screwed up her future.
That's my opinion.

Last night we had storms, but nothing bad here.
Chance of storms tonight again.  

My dad is starting to feel better.
He still has a specialist appointment in June.
But, he is feeling better and that is good.

Honeyman paid $3.87 for gas today.
That's the cheapy gas.
One channel said 2 refineries in Chicago are closed for maintenance. Another station said problems in one refinery in Kansas and another in Oklahoma are to blame.
So, which is it?

It doesn't matter.
They use whatever excuse they want to raise the gas prices.
So, they get another excuse to raise the cost of groceries and other goods.

I feel there should be a headline somewhere that reads.


I know gas costs more in other countries and that is because oil companies are subsidized by our government.
It's pretty sad that is costs that much when it is subsidized.

Tomorrow should be a better day.


  1. Ok, what is PKG? I hate banks in general, but I have 'special' feelings for mortgage companies and the like. Don't even get me started on the gas, I thought they only did those refinery shenanigans here in Ca, but I see the game is played in the same way all over the States, greedy bastards!

  2. Alex, Officially it is the Church of God-Preparing for the Kingdom of God.
    Known to many as a cult called the PKG, but known to members as God's one true church. So, yeah... my sister is in a cult.

  3. Petrol prices are all over the place here too. And always seem to go up the day before I need to fill the car.
    Hope you get your mortgage sorted. Sounds very complicated to me

    1. Mynx, it is complicated. I really don't know why so many people we know got a better rate and we are apparently not worthy. They all say government loan, but our house is too dumpy to qualify for one of those.
      I remember when gas went well over a dollar/gallon and I thought that was horrid.

  4. Thank goodness Mrs. Penwasser takes care of all the money stuff. Because it's way confusing to me.

    1. Al, Honeyman doesn't get it either. I get it, but it pisses me off.

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