Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- It Drives Me Nuts

We all have things that drive us nuts.
I'm sure I have mentioned some of them before.
Let's have some fun and share some more.
This time in the art of language.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is about things that drive me nuts pertaining to words.

1. Bad spelling
     There is such a thing as typos and there is just some seriously bad spelling. Bad to the point where it is hard to decipher what the person is really trying to say. It hurts my eyes and brain.

2. Bad grammar
     I hate it written and I hate it spoken. If you mean you are, write you're not your or God forbid UR. Ugh!
Don't say y'all to one person. It's just not right. And don't say them when you should say those.

3. Geek speak/Text speak
     I speak English, not a bunch of letters. I read all this stuff on facebook and sometimes I can't understand half of it. Why can't you say "that was funny" not PMSL? That's just TMI.

4. Um/Uh
     I've mentioned it before. It bears repeating. When I was a kid you couldn't say either one at school. The teacher would stop you and make you speak correctly. Now, unless the president and some actors and TV reporters have teleprompters, they say it all the time. I could just slap these people. I might go to jail, but they deserve it!

5. Memes/Internet pic poster things with wrong grammar or wrong spelling
     Why would you not make sure it was right before you put it out there? Be very proud that you spelled nickels nickles and everyone knows you are stupid. Dumbass!
And it is different from #s 1 and 2 because it is very specific and it's my list.

6. Receipts from grocery stores
     You get home, go through the list and try and figure out what the hell is LOL butt. When did I buy a laughing butt? Why would I buy a laughing butt? Oooohhh, Land O'Lakes Butter spread with olive oil. Well, that's OK then. I also got some Ass cookies. I think that's the different cookies in the same bag, otherwise known as ASSORTED.

7. Date order
     I grew up blissfully unaware that writing month, day, year such as 05/28/2013 was an odd way to do it. Apparently other countries write 28/05/2013 and the US is just odd. Who knew? Whenever I do a survey and I have to do this, I end up mixing the month and day up. Why does our country have to be the odd one?

8. Stupidly long hashtags
     I am not really fond of the hashtag though I do understand it. Now. When it first came out, I was clueless as to why people kept using the pound key and writing something after it. Have you seen the overly long ones? Where people use a full sentence all in one word as their hashtag? That's just goofy.

9. The semicolon
     Why does this bug me? Because I don't know when it is appropriate to use. I know where it is supposed to go, but when I write a post I never know if I should include it. Does it make me seem to highbrow? Or what if I should have just started a whole new sentence? I'm confused.

10. Calling oneself an inanimate object
     You are not a Mac, a PC, a Hy-Vee, or a helpful smile. You are a human. Take note, if you work for an ad agency: it was mildly tolerable when the Mac/PC thing was done. Now it is just pathetic.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. And then there's the fool who thinks that you can't write an "s" without an apostrophe in front of it. That drive's me nut's!


    1. Robyn, that is a very good one. I hate that too! What is wrong with people?

    2. I'm sayin', Ruth. It's as if they don't want to get it wrong, so they toss in an apostrophe to play it safe. WTH!?

    3. That must be it, Robyn. There is no other rational explanation.

  2. I enjoyed your rant! I totally agree with you and hash tags? I don't use them and don't understand them. Isn't that a "twitter" thing? Granted it has been years but I used to do well in English but have developed bad habits so I may mess up in my grammar and all. IT does seem now days, the young people want to rebel by deliberately misspelling words. Just because they can...

    Funny about the grocery store receipts. Ha hahahahha

    1. Coffee Lady, it is primarily Twitter although I have seen people use it on Facebook. Being around my husband for almost 20 years has had a negative effect on my grammar. I hate it, but no one said he was perfect.

      I wonder if people read the abbreviations they come up with.

  3. I have been known to rant about much of what you wrote. Then I found some mistakes I had made. Tenses are my weekness.

    Where I live, we can distinguish merry, mary and marry in verbal form. Most of the US can not. Same thing with their, there and they're. Still, I don't like seeing them used interchangeably!

    Please forgive me if I am not making sense. A bit of a "brain cloud" seems to be an issue today!

  4. Gail, I will admit to changing tenses when I shouldn't. It's just so easy to do.
    You make sense to me and it is nice to see you whenever you stop by.


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