Monday, May 13, 2013

I Would Like to Get Off Now

Whoever said that life was like a roller coaster was so right.

Sure, it's a nice ride sometimes.
Other times, I'd rather be the tea cups.

Up, down
round and round.

It never ends.

Last Friday the day started out with news of a credit card rate drop.
I was happy.
The afternoon started with a serious call from my oldest sister.
Not happy.
The evening ended with another call wanting to know if I wanted to go out and visit with my other sister.
Sort of happy but sort of not.

My daddy is sick and that makes me sad.
And worried.

I'd like to put all my worries out there, but mum is the word right now.
That's the way he wants it.
Til we know for sure.

So, I wait and I see.
And really wish I had a pound of chocolate sitting right beside me.

I went with my sister to visit yesterday.
I was glad to see Mom and Dad.

I really don't get to see them that much.

Due to everyone's schedules and the rise in gas prices, I don't get to see them as much as I'd like.
It is sad when the price of gas dictates how often you get to see the ones you love.

In other relative news,
my FIL may be getting his toes cut off soon.
He got gangrene when his kidneys shut down.
They are healing better than they thought, but he is still losing the tips of toes.
Better than all of his feet.


  1. Gosh, Ruth, I'm saddened to read that you're not in a great place.
    If I lived a little closer I'd make you a batch of Sweet Ruthies and drop over to give you a real hug. I hope my cyber hug lets you know I'm holding you in my thoughts and prayers. (I do a lot of chatting with the Universe so you'll be in there)

    Chin up my friend.
    Hugs, Jenny

    1. Thanks, Jenny. I am just anxious.
      My dad told me that what will be, will be. I know that.
      Thanks for the hug!

  2. Bummer. Hope you get some chocolate soon.

    1. Gail, I know. We should not go through life chocolateless. It isn't right.

  3. You and me both. Fortunately for me I'm not dealing with health issues- it's just waiting on everyone else. :/

    1. Sara, I know what you mean. I make up my mind quick, but have to wait til Honeyman ways all the options. Than if you have to wait on other people. Well, it just drives you bonkers.

  4. oh ruth--i am so sorry about your "fil"--i am sending prayers your way!

    1. Lynn, my FIL is doing so much better than he was. His kidneys fully function and he gets around great. Three months ago he flatlined in the hospital after complications from bypass surgery. My MIL calls him her miracle. I'm glad he's doing well and also that I don't have to be worrying about him along with my own father.


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