Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Reasons to Shutdown the Government

Maybe I should have done this last week.
But, who knows how long this could drag out.

We do have whiners running the country, you know.

So, here are my reasons that we really should shut down the government.
The parts that consider themselves essential anyway.

1. Do we really need new laws every year?
     No we don't. Congress should be in session every few years and not even year round. The President could go down to part-time. Just be there for the big things and call it good. Save us some coin. Everything could go on just fine without them.

2. Not too big to fail
     Remember when we were told banks were too big to fail. Nothing is too big to fail and if we don't start shutting a few things down here or there, we are gonna fail.

3. 401(k)
     Whoever thought Congress getting a 401(k) as a benefit was a good thing? Doesn't that promote conflict of interest? Like there isn't enough of that already. Shut it down til they get a better idea.

4. They got rid of the $2 bill.
     Those things were cool. You didn't see them too often so they were special. Than the government just took them away. Poop heads.

5. They keep changing the Pledge of Allegiance.
     The original said "my flag". That was changed to "United States", than "of America" was added, than later on "under God" was added. Just leave it alone! What's next? They need to learn to quit messing with things. It's been 60 years so we're do for a change of some sort.

6. Old people
     Raise your hand if at least one senator or representative from your state is older than dirt. Some of them have been there for decades. It's time to go.

7. Blowing the budget
     Every few months, they have to raise the debt ceiling. I'd like to raise my debt ceiling too, but it ain't gonna happen. Actually I don't, cause I'd still have to pay it back. But, it would be good to just know that I could.

8. Too many vacations
     If you think you are so important that you have to be in session every year and all year, quit taking all these recesses. Hey! Do you think the reason they act like children is because their time off is called a recess like little kids get? There's a thought.

9. Daylight Saving Time
     I know a lot of people like it, but I hate it. It messes my sleep up. And there are always more daylight hours in the summer than in winter, a day is still 24 hours, and the study that says it saves us money in electricity makes no sense because it would be lighter later anyway without the government messing with the time so we would use less anyway. But, if you get up early, you are using more electricity because it is dark then. And why did they extend it? For years it was end of April/end of October. Now, I have to look it up to see when it is. Who do they think they are?

10. Moving every holiday to Monday
     I know they like their 3 day weekends, but hump day would be good too. A nice little break during to week. Of course, that would mean those poor congressmen wouldn't have time to fly anywhere and that's what matters anyway.  I think if they could move every holiday to a Monday, they would. More convenient.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Back when the country was first founded, Congress wasn't in session for most of the year. And we did just fine.
    Of course, Indians were scalping women and children on the frontier then, too.

    1. Al, But once the government killed the Native Americans and/or put them on reservations that problem went away. Didn't it?

  2. No more $2 bill? I didn't know that. I'm still on the lookout for one. Damn. I bet Congress has them all.


    1. Robyn, Go to Arkansas. When I lived there, the hobos that lived in the mountains paid for everything in $2 bills. I got one for each of my nieces that way.

  3. Hump Day? Is that when the camels have a green card raffle? I'd love to see $2 bills too, preferably with a picture of Miley Cyrus on them.

    1. Gorilla Bananas, anything with Miley Cyrus comes with automatic ick factor. Even back when she was Hannah Montana.

  4. Around here, they mess with daylight saving time so kids trick or treat when it's light out.

    1. Susie, one year they tried to do Trick or Treat on a weekend afternoon.It did not go over well. How do the kids know what houses they can stop out since there is no porch light on to be seen when it's light outside?

  5. Every holiday to a Monday was stupid, but I NEED my daylight savings time :) Makes working a job and taking care of a garden at the same time easier for me.

    1. Yvonne, I believe that was the original reason for having it. For the farmers.

  6. I love number 5 because I'm waiting for the day our pledge of allegiance is actually Pepsi Presents: The Mastercard Lemon Pledge of Allegiance.

    Congress: "Well, Pepsi, Mastercard, and Pledge bailed us out of a tight spot, but in exchange we have to do some advertising for them. Sooo..."

    1. ABFTS, Well the corporations do own the country, they might as well get their name in there somewhere.


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