Thursday, October 10, 2013

I knew It

But, I did it anyway.

What do an agnostic, Wiccan, and cult member have in common?
They are all part of the same happy family.

I am pretty sure I just lost one of my sisters.
It sucks.
But, that's how it goes.

I was raised in a family that just ignored the monkey in the room.
So what if he be flinging poo?

As long as you ignore it,
it's not really there.

But, eventually the shit starts to pile up and smell.
I grew up and realized ignoring was not my style.

I talked to my sister about her involvement with God's Church.
Also known as, Church of God- Preparing for the Kingdom of God.

It didn't seem to be a good place to be.
Any church that requires tithing to be a member is not good.
And than they teach the members that once they give the tithe it doesn't matter where it goes.

Cause, it's for God.
Or Mediterranean cruises or BMWs.
Whatever- it's all good.

Than after the first talk I let it go.

After that little things changed.
No calls or doing things on Saturday.
Personal things in her relationships changed.

I let that go.

Than, I found out about the head of the church being charged with tax evasion.

Can you say too much poo flinging?

So, I decided I was going to talk to her more.
Send court transcripts to her.

It didn't matter.

And now she says I am attacking her religious beliefs and someday she hopes I will see what she sees.
So, I am now ragging on the church leader and the leader of the Worldwide Church of God - which is where COG-PKG came from.

I got mad and told her they were full of shit.
Well, come on.

They both prophesied a lot of things that didn't happen, but I'm the bad one. 

I told her a while back that she was going to lose people over this and she said I was wrong.
She has.

I am supposed to just be OK with everything.
All of it is my problem.

I knew how things could turn out if I said something.
But, in the end, I think I'd have lost her anyway.

I had to try.


  1. awwww i am sorry ruth--hopefully things will change<3

    1. Lynn, you never know. But, she's content with where she is and nothing I say or do matters. She used to read this blog and I am sure is she sees this, she would disagree with everything I just wrote.

  2. Some humans confuse what they need with what is true. Let her believe in whatever she wants to as long as she isn't trying to convert you.

    1. Gorilla Bananas, I don't agree with her beliefs but I accept the fact that she has them. The cult and brainwashing is what I don't like. I think she wants me to believe the way she does. I've also seen what she does and has done hurt people and it makes me mad. Because I tried to show her that the self-proclaimed prophet is a liar, she really doesn't want to talk to me.

  3. That does suck, Ruth, but I don't think I could keep MY mouth shut if one of my siblings joined a cult (imagine that, ME being unable to be quiet).
    As far as the Wiccan, I'd probably have fun with it in my own way. I'd tease her for being goofy, but she's not hurting anyone. And, who knows? She could be right.
    I would like to pretend I was an agnostic. Then, when people asked me if I WAS an agnostic, I'd say, "Swear to God." That line would work for atheists, too.

    1. Al, my Wiccan sister is the first one to admit some of the stuff sounds goofy. As long as she knew you were kidding, she'd be good with it.
      My dad told me a few weeks ago that cult sis was old enough to do what she wanted so nothing should be said. A little late, not that I would have listened anyway.

  4. I'm not religious...for reasons like this.

    1. Susie, I am not either. We were all raised Methodist, but I have more and more questions all the time.

  5. Yes, you lost her anyway, so might as well have been honest. It was worth a try. At least one of you is living in the real world, and concerned about the other.


    1. Robyn, She found an ad on the hystersisters website several years ago. My husband says maybe if something were done sooner, but I've read from a lot of people that it doesn't really matter because they get hooked by the message right away.


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