Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Reasons I Got Rid of Directv

I finally got my antenna.
It's not hooked up yet.
I need the stuff to ground it.

After ordering one and not getting it,
using that refunded money to buy Christmas gifts,
and hunting high and low for another one.
I got it.

This week's ten things Tuesday is for all the reasons I am going over the air and saying good-bye to the dish.

1. Being treated like an idiot is not something I enjoy.
     I know how to read a manual and follow directions. But, sometimes, something just won't work. I call Directv to tell them what's wrong and they want me to do everything I just did. That didn't work the three times I tried. "Let's just try it again!" Turds!

2. Don't mess with my music channels.
     Whether you have Dish or Directv, radio stations come with the deal. Directv changed my channels. I had a favorite. They took that away. I found another one and they changed that one too. Turds!

3. Reality shows are the bane of my existence.
     You can take the Kardashians, Braxtons, Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers, Honey Boo Boo, etc., etc., etc. and set them on fire. The shows, not the people. That might be a little mean and it would smell really bad.

4. Same show, different channel.
     Over the years, there have been so many good shows on TV. But stations pick the new ones and show them all over. A few years ago, any hour of any day you could find Scrubs. After that, it was How I Met Your Mother. Now, it is Big Bang Theory. What happened to variety? Isn't that why we pay for 150 channels? Turds

5. The Audience channel blows.
     I think it used to have a different name. I don't remember. I do remember that they showed concerts most of the time. Now, they seldom do. Turds!

6. $104.48
     In the end, that was my bill a month. A $3 a year raise in price for programming, equipment or protection plan was the norm. If you got really lucky, they'd raise one and just a few months later, they'd raise another thing. When I called to cancel, they said they'd knock my bill down $35 and "that's less than new customers pay". Really? If you could charge that much, why didn't you? Turds!

7. Where's my anniversary gift?
     Directv started to do this nice thing after we dropped the movie channels( Later we did get Encore again). They started giving us three months free around the anniversary of me signing up. If I didn't like that channel, they'd add the one I wanted. Than one year, they just exchanged the one they gave me for the one I wanted. By the way, they always gave me the Showtime channels that I never watched. The last year I got a gift, they wouldn't even let me switch. What good is a gift that I am not going to use? Than, they just quit giving me a gift. But, they value my loyalty. Turds!

8. The Viacom/Directv debacle of 2012
     I remember it well. The only channels we watched much of were the Viacom channels like Comedy Central and VH1 Classic got taken off the air. Viacom wanted more money from Directv for showing the channels. Directv thought it was unfair to have to pay more even though they hadn't paid more in 7 years. Doesn't that seem a bit ironic? They bitch because they have to pay more, but it's OK to charge the consumer more EVERY year. To make up for the inconvenience that Viacom was causing Directv customers, they gave everyone free Encore channels. That's nice. But, we were already paying for those.
Like either one is in the right. Just greed. Directv generates a profit of $2 Billion per quarter. As of last year. Turds!

9. The storms make my dish go out.
     If something nasty is coming, losing my local channels showing weather and radar is not good. Speaking of weather, what happened to the Weather Channel? It really has gone to crap.

10. The movie channels have gone to pot.
     When I was a teen, the movie channels had fairly new movies. Just wait a few months and it would be on HBO. Now, all the premium channels are is older movies with a newer one sprinkled in once in a while. I have a theory that the premium channels made a deal with Directv( Dish, probably too) not to show movies that would compete with the movies on pay per view. Directv needs to make it's $4.99 a movie and they can't do that if it's available on HBO or Stars. The movie channels are possibly in cahoots with the movie studio/dvd sales too. Turds!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. What are you going to do with satellite dish? It might be good for serving chow mein if you're having a dinner party.

    1. Mr. Mein can get his own damn dinner. I don't care if he IS Asian!

  2. Gorilla Bananas, I was thinking it would make a lovely bird bath.

  3. Just make sure that, when you ground your antenna, you send it to bed without supper.
    Seriously, Mrs. Penwasser and I are seriously (what a handy word!) thinking about canceling our cable TV. With the internet, NetFlix, and various other entertainments (like Penwasser Place! Now with 22% more poop jokes! Get it today!), TV just seems like an unnecessary expense.
    And it doesn't show porn on A & E.

    1. Al, that wire/rod will never see the light of day again.
      You should do it! It's a great idea if you're paying for the net anyway. Most blu-ray players have wi-fi so you can stream the internet. :)
      I have two indoor antennas hooked up right now and picture is better than with the dish. Turns out cable and satellite providers compress the signal so there is a loss in quality.

  4. You just described every cable/satellite/etc. company out there.

    1. Gail, I haven't had anything but Directv for 7 years and for 7 years before that nothing but over the air. I know they are all the same. Greedy little blood suckers. My dad told me one day that you almost gotta have cable or something these days. I disagree.

  5. What Gail said. We haven't had any form of cable/satellite tv service in years, and I love it. I just got the fastest Internet package and stream from the web. It doesn't matter whether you have cable, or satellite, or dish or directtv or comcast, all of them will make you feel like idiots when you call.

    Yes, moron, I made sure the TV is plugged in. No, I won't double check, because the power is on and the TV says 'no signal.' Would it say that if the TV wasn't freaking plugged in???

    1. ABFTS, I have wanted to get rid of the dish for years. Just had to bring the husband round to my way of thinking.

  6. i wish there was an inexpensive old movie channel---i will tell my daughter about certain ones i fondly remember, but who can find them!

    1. Lynn, I have heard about Crackle to watch movies, but I have never checked to see what kind of movies they have.


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