Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Changes

I have had a lot of things going on lately.
Some stressful and some a big relief.
Here's a rundown:

1. No TV in the living room
     We haven't gotten the outdoor antenna up, but we have a couple indoor antennas. Those are for the HDTVs. The third TV just sits there with no reception. It works to watch movies though.

2. Vacation time
     My husband got paid not to go to work. He gave notice and they gave him a deal so he took it. Lots of family time for a while.

3. No more lonely nights
     My husband found a new job. It is days and no weekends. After 7 years, I am more than ready for this.

4. Less pay
     The new job pays less so we will have to make some adjustments. I may be getting a job, the lower pay could mean the loan modification will actually work, and I may have to figure out how to pull money out of my ass.

5. New kitten
     Kiddo wanted a kitty from a friend. His name is Felix.

6. Permit time
     Kiddo finally got her permit. She had a lot of trouble so this last time, she took it orally instead of on the computer and she passed. The state has an app with a practice exam, but you can only get it if you have an android or iphone. The rest of the lowly people seem to have a lot of trouble passing, but the android and iphone people do great. Kudos to you, Iowa!

7. Cell phone
     My family is entering the modern age. We had to get a cell phone so Honeyman has one for work. They don't have pagers or radios, but give a monthly allowance for minutes used. It's not a "smart" phone, but it makes calls and that is all that matters.

8. Buying a dress
     I have nothing against dresses. I just never have a reason to wear them one since I never go anywhere. Now, I do. My oldest niece is getting' married in about a week so I need to find one. My first kilt wedding!

9. Having a kid on the go
     My daughter, at the ripe old age of 16, has found herself a social life. She's going to the pool or the beach, or to the MALL. It's a strange concept.

10. Lower stress levels.
     In a lot of ways, we have been happier with less money. This time is no exception. The atmosphere Honeyman was working in was horrible. The best thing about it was the insurance. That will be missed. But, it was like walking on pins and needles and never knowing what crap was coming down the pipe. It made things hard and it was affecting the home life. So, this is nice.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Happier with less money - I'm impressed! But not as impressed as with your blue-eyed pantherine kitty.

    1. Gorilla Bananas, he's a sweetie.

  2. When you pull money out of your ass, you want to be careful. Those paper cuts can be nasty. Unless you use coins....
    In any case, make sure you use plenty of hot water and soap.
    I think that's what they call "money laundering."

    1. Al, that sounds like mob activity. I must be careful as to not arouse suspicion.

  3. Replies
    1. Don't want to be a richer man...

  4. Sounds like, all in all, hubby's job change is a good thing.

    Felix is a little cutie.

    Hang tough.


  5. Robyn, It will be a good thing. He is more nervous because he hates change and the money. We'll get by. We always do.

  6. Glad to hear you'll be getting more time with the hubby! And yay, social life for the 16 year old!

    1. Libby, it's nice, but still weird having my daughter gone so much.

  7. Sometimes you have to choose quality of life over a bigger pay cheque. We did that a few years ago and survived. Hubby's previous job was affecting his health. Now he works less hours and has time to actually do things he enjoys.
    Kitty is beautiful and good luck with the dress shopping. I know about that, I have a wedding to go to too

    1. Mynx, that is what I told him when he wasn't sure he wanted to take it. That environment was just toxic and he already feels so much better.
      I did find a dress and shoes.

  8. You cracked me up with the pulling money out of your ass comment. I do that every month it seems. Wow I'm jealous. My husband still works a graveyard shift - it sucks but they tell me its a good job with the state. Hmmmm.

    Sounds like a lot of fun - living with a 16 yr old girl with a social life. Better YOU than me.

    1. Coffee Lady, He worked 10:30pm-7:00am Fri.-Tues. for seven years. It does suck having them gone all night, doesn't it?

  9. I'm so much happier now that I'm a full time writer barely scraping by financially than I ever was working in a cushy IT job. As long as your necessities are covered, money really can't buy you happiness.

    1. ABFTS, I agree. My husband says you can never really be happy being broke all the time. I think we'll change his name to Mr. Negative.


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