Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- The Independence Day Edition

There's that old joke: What country has the 4th of July?
Answer: They all do.

But, you never see Happy Independence Day anymore.
It's always Happy 4th of July.

I am bringing Independence Day back.
Calling days of significance by nothing more than a date is a pet peeve of mine.

 This week's Ten Things Tuesday is what Independence Day is all about.

1. Declaration of Independence
     It was signed by the 2nd Continental Congress July 4, 1776. That's why we celebrate that date.
  The link above goes to the original document.

2. Fireworks
     Lots of cities set them off. Some states they are illegal to shoot off, but people do it anyway. In Iowa, most fireworks are illegal. Sparklers are fine and lots of people give them to little kids to play with. I really don't see how that is safe. But, if you have $10,000 to get a permit, it can be legal.

3. The movie
     It stars Will Smith and everyone's favorite actor in glasses. Yes, I am talking about Jeff Goldbloom. They show it every year at this time. Sometimes over and over and on several channels.

4. Knee high by the 4th of July
     It's a saying, in case you have never heard it. It's about corn and it is good to have your corn plants knee high by now. It means a good year.

5. Ka-ching!
     It's the day off with pay. If you are lucky.
It's the paid 1 to 2-1/2 times for working that day. If you're lucky.

6. The day you hope nothing breaks down.
     Cause no one will come to fix it. No one will answer the phone.
No A/C? Suck it up, buttercup!

7.  The flag
     It's a day when the not so patriotic become very patriotic. Break out the flag napkins and flag tiki torches.
Make a flag cake and eat a red, white, and blue cupcake.

8. Camping
     Lots of people camp over the holiday. The campgrounds are usually packed.

9. Grilling!
     Oh how I love to grill. Any excuse is a good excuse to grill. I will grill anything. Bread dough, zucchini, beer can chicken. It's all good!

10. Cops
     They love this time of year. Catch some drunk drivers, maybe confiscate some boom booms or give fines to those who shoot them off.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. All I remember from that movie is Will fist-fighting an alien, and then going "welcome to Earf"

    1. Adam, I have seen that movie way too many times.

  2. Would love a few recipes...I have boneless breast of chicken and london broil. Want to make slow cooker baked beans....


    1. Gail, when are you thinking of making them? Send me an email and let you know what you want. My email is on my profile page. :)

    2. Didn't entertain but still would like a good slow cooker baked beans recipe! No ketchup.

    3. OK, I will get that to you soon.

  3. That's one of my favorite movies, especially the part where Bill Pullman gives his speech as the prez...I know, corny uh? I love grilling too, it's the best. Fireworks are illegal here, thankfully, with this freaking heat and the desert being rather dry, it's a no brainer..
    Happy Independence Day :)

    1. Alex, I am sure some people are idiots and set them off in that tinderbox. Have a good Independence Day!

  4. With or without glasses, Jeff Goldbloom is worth seeing.


    1. Robyn, I've always liked him. :)

  5. i love jeff!!!! i bet you have quite a 4th--enjoy---now i am headed to your yummy stuff, hope you have something for me! :)

    1. Lynn, we had a party here last night and everyone seemed to have a good time.


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