Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Great Things About October

Ah, just making it under the wire this week.

What a day!
Busy and not without mishap, so I am a little late getting this out.

But, here I am with Ten Things Tuesday.
This week is about why October is such a great month.

1. Me
   I was born in October. So, of course it has to be an awesome month. The 29th, in case anyone wants to send me a card or $100. Your call. I am not gonna be picky.

2. The harvest
   Farmers will get the crops out so I can see something besides corn and soybeans. And maybe the cow will finally be found.

3. Halloween
  I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. I am not crafty and yet I managed to make most of Kiddo's costumes.

4. The killing frost
   I love my garden, but I am ready to be done canning and freezing things. I am also looking forward to the end of ragweed season(Kiddo's allergic) and bugs.

5. Pumpkins
  They are so pretty and orange. I like all sizes. I grow pie pumpkins and jack-o-lantern size.
It is fun to make jack-o-lanterns.

6. Honeyman's birthday
   His birthday is coming up on Saturday. He hasn't even come up with his birthday dinner yet.
That is what I do. Everyone in the house decides what they want for their birthday dinner and that is what I make.

7. New TV shows
   A new season just started and so far the reruns haven't started yet. I love Criminal Minds(Yay for Emily and JJ being back) and Parenthood.

8. Too warm to snow
   It isn't super hot anymore, but no snow and not -20 degrees yet. I hope I don't jinx it, because it has been known to snow in Iowa in October before.

9. Columbus Day
  Because I really don't know what I would do without a holiday celebrating a man who really didn't discover America. Plus, he was a real nut job.

10. It's the beginning of the fiscal year
   Why is this great? Because we all get to watch and learn how the federal government can screw things up even more by their fiscal irresponsibility. Party doesn't matter. They are all fiscally stupid.

OK, there you have it. And you just thought October didn't have much going for it.


  1. Hi Ruth! I found you via Eva's blog.

    October is my favorite holiday, so I enjoyed this post very much. And you did a GREAT job on that costume for your daughter!!

    I'm your newest follower. :)

  2. I don't celebrate Halloween But I love costumes. How did you make that costume? I love the colors of fall. I LOVE orange and red. And the weather is fantastic. Good post :)

  3. Ruth, that costume is fabulous! Fall is also my favorite time of year and Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday!! I love the leaves, changing, the weather and the pumpkins too so much!! that is funny what you said also about the government, I work for the government but I definitely don't work in Congress! :)

  4. PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥..., Thanks for stopping by and the follow. I'll stop by and check your blog.
    Thank you about the costume and glad you liked the post.

    Amber, When your babies get a little older, they probably will want to. When Kiddo was in elementary they would dress up and have parties.

    jdracecar, It is nice to see you. I hope the baby is treating you well. That was Kiddo's first costume and it took me forever to make.

  5. Canadian Thanksgiving. You forgot all about Canadian Thanksgiving! Just pray that it's not too late to get those greeting cards out.

  6. All kidding aside (pretty much impossible for me)......doesn't it make much more sense to celebrate Thanksgiving in October rather than when we do it in the States? I mean, what kind of idiots would eat outside in Massachusetts in late November? It may have something to do with the harvest. Or football. Or Macy's. I'm not sure.
    Pass the maple syrup and hockey sticks.

  7. Al, The Canadian Thanksgiving messes with our whole Columbus Day celebrations. What are you thinking?

  8. Love the leaves, but not all of the horrible little ones that cover my driveway and fill up my Yardy. And I love putting up my Halloween decorations.

  9. Sue, We get a ton of leaves, but it is also windy all the time and we just let them blow away. But, I guess a huge yard in the country makes that possible.


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