Thursday, October 20, 2011


I keep waiting for things to slow down and go back to normal.
But, so far, it ain't happenin'.

I am still canning and juicing tomatoes.And making salsa
Will it ever end?


Actually when I get done with what is in the house, I will.
It is supposed to freeze tonight.

Bye-bye garden.

Other than that, what else is going on with me and my world?

Due to the harvest of the corn behind the house, the cow has once again been spotted and located by the people thought to be the owners.
And there ends the quest to find the missing bovine.

We are helping Kiddo with her science.
When did 9th grade physical science become so goddamn complicated?

Of course the subject I would be great at helping her in-English- she is getting an A in.

And she is talking about trying to get into Journalism next semester.
I had been trying to get her to do that months ago.
Score 1 for Mom knowing what she is talking about!

I am actually pondering going to Thanksgiving at my parent's house.
It has been years since we did that.

Since we have lived here, most years it has been just the three of us.
One year we did have my brother in law's family over and that was a toilet clogging good time.
And the years before that Honeyman's grandma came over.

I always like making the dinner and dessert.
But, I just have a feeling I need to be going to this one.

And now it seems like our resident spook is moving things in Kiddo's room. She can't find things where she put them and they appear in other places. She gave me a bobby pin she found in her bed.
We don't have bobby pins that I know of and most certainly not in her room.

Odd stuff indeed.

So, that's what's goin' on.
The fun stuff never stops!


  1. THere has got to be a physical science explanation to all these odd things disappearing and reappearing....Hey, if kiddo needs any help, shoot me an email, I'd be glad to help her with her science stuff, just send me some of those canned tomatoes :)

  2. wheatgerm, Science is good. I just don't understand everything she is doing. We helped her build one of those rubber band cars and I felt pretty stupid because I didn't have a clue how to do it.

    Alex, Sometimes I wonder about her doing things in her sleep. But, who know? The ghost does play with toys sometimes.
    She doesn't seem to want to ask people for help, which is a problem. I think the only reason she let me help her study for her test was because I told her I was going to.
    You sure must love canned tomatoes. :)

  3. Ruth... do you know who might be haunting your house, is your place old???

  4. Tracy, Kiddo has heard a girl's voice before.
    The house is close to 100 years old. I think it is more mischievous than mean. Right now we are on the hunt for her thumb drive and Kiddo is becoming annoyed.

  5. Ugh, I hated physical science.

    Be well.

  6. Robyn, Tell me about it. Now, she has to build a windmill with a working pump shaft. What the hell?!

  7. I do so worry about the missing cow, but I think it's just time to face facts.
    She's become a milk dud.

  8. Al, I knew you'd worry so I thought you should know.


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