Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday- Changing Words

Words and sayings are always changing.
Slang becomes main stream and it is new and different all the time.
Or maybe it was just called one thing and now another.

I have been known to ask my daughter if this or that is said now and I guess I am just sad and out of date and just not  "jiggy with it".

I thought up this idea for ten things Tuesday and it brings to mind one of my favorite comedians.
George Carlin- he was so funny and smart.

He did a bit about how words evolve over the years to sound gentler and therefore have lost a lot of meaning.
And it is all in the name of Political Correctness.

In ordinary speech some sayings have been dumbed down or shortened.
Some things, both.

So, in no particular order here is my list of Ten Word Changes from my younger days:

1. Pantsed or pants.
   Back in my day, you said you were going to depants someone. Not pants them. Don't you need the de in front of pants to mean pull down? I told Kiddo she was wrong when she said pantsed. Than, I saw it on TV and now I just look like I have no clue.

2. Time of the month.
  Maybe in the 80's we were a bit cruder. It was "on the rag". Not sure when that fell by the way side. When someone was bitchy, they must be on the rag. Just the way it was.

3. My bad.
   Whatever happened to "I am sorry", "excuse me", or even "I made a mistake"?
My bad just sounds like someone that needs to retake an English grammar course.

4. OMG.
    I get computer speak and texting. But, come on! Say "Oh my God" not the letters. I said Oh my God. You can too.

5. Hoodie.
   I still call them sweatshirts. Some have hoods, some don't. They are all sweatshirts.
Hoodie  just sounds so cute. I am NOT cute.

6. Sleepover.
   I never had a "sleepover". I spent the night at somebody's house or went to a slumber party. Sleepover encompasses all of that and it uses less syllables so it's a win-win for everyone.

7. Condoms.
   Do you remember when no one said condoms? We all laughed because it sounded a lot like condiment. Or we laughed at the word condiment cause it sounded like condom.
But, anyway we called them rubbers. I remember my Home Ec. teacher had a sex ed. section and we got to watch a film and the dude sang the song "If you want to play it safe, wear a rubber".
Now, that's entertainment.

8. Cicada.
   Nobody used to say cicada. Well, maybe scientists that I didn't know. They were locusts. Even the news called them locusts. To me, they are still a locust.
Call them what you will. I call them annoying when they all start in with their own particular brand of music. I just hate that sound.

9. Music player. Or Ipod or Mp3 player.
    Ok there is nothing that quite comes close to the music players of my youth.
Double tape deck with a radio and some big ass speakers. Affectionately called the ghetto blaster unless you were upscale and then you said you had a boom box.

10. Hooked up.
    I am trying to determine how this one came to be. Hooked sounds similar to hooking and hooking used to involve a hooker. Or, maybe it is some sort of fishing analogy.
Anywhooo, we used to use the oh so clever she jumped his bones. Or he jumped her bones.

And I am sure 20 years from now, Kiddo will be hearing different words than what is being used now.



  1. Add to that the word "gay." What was once a general-purpose word ("Our Hearts Were Young and Gay") has been monopolized by a specific group of people.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that.
    Oh, while we're on the subject, I hear they sell condoms for little people: Condominiums.
    And flavored condoms:
    Oh, and I also hear that ribbed rubbers, for her pleasure, help you gain traction in the rain. Although I prefer to do it inside.

  2. Those were pretty good.

    I agree with Al.

  3. "Jumped his bones"! It's been a while since I've heard that one. As for the Cicadas, we used to call them tree toads. Not sure why.

  4. Al, I didn't even think of the word gay. Some rapper started using the term "that's so gay" like we used to say stupid or retarded. Now some people have picked that up. How do you go from happy to homosexual to retarded? I don't know if I want an answer for that.
    Condominiums-LOL, that's a good one.

    OT, thanks. The best I could come up with at 3 AM.

    Kara, I know. I never hear it anymore either. Never heard them called tree toads. Maybe cause they made noise in trees, but they weren't tree frogs.

  5. I wondered what Cicadas were! People have been posting pictures of them - so they are locust! Now I know why they are such a pain. I remember when we said rubbers, but I prefer condom. Actually, I wish they would think up a different word entirely. Interesting post!

  6. Belle, don't you just love it when they change words on us but don't tell us?
    My grandma used to call gaskets for pressure cookers rubbers. Rubbers also used to be boots. But, again flip flops used to be thongs and now thongs are underwear.

  7. I couldn't help but post about the word "cicada." I have never called them Cicada bugs but I have always called them, "Heat Bugs." That's because whenever I hear these insects it is ALWAYS on 90 degree days or hotter! I never hear them in the winter time or in the cool Spring or Fall. ALWAYS in the heat (I'm from California/live in Oregon - so maybe it's different elsewhere!)

  8. Nicole, heat bugs are a good thing to call them. They show up making their awful noises in July and August which are the two hottest months of the year in Iowa.

  9. OMG, your sleepover in only a hoodie snapping condoms at cicadas while hooked up to Mr. Ipod cause you were pants when it was that time of the month was my bad. Personally I just use the word CRAP for OMG, lol.

  10. Yvonne, way to put all those things together. LOL


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