Monday, July 11, 2011

It was Just So Very, Very Hot!

I thought about saying there should be a law about this.
But, I am all about having the freedom to do what you want in your own house and so I can't.

If people want to be stupid, let them be stupid.

Though, if I were to enact such a law it would read:

If someone owns an air conditioner- window, central, whatever- and it is installed, it must be turned on and used when the temperature reaches over 90 degrees and the heat index is over 100 degrees.
No fines. Someone will just come in and turn the damn thing on.
Your punishment is cooler, less humid air and higher electric bills.

So sayeth the Ruth!

Yesterday, I went out to my parents house with my sister and Kiddo.
They will celebrate 48 years of matrimony this coming Thursday.
And we had a gift.
I even baked some bars that would fit into my older sister's diabetic diet. Sort of. Fairly low in carbs and used wheat flour. Golden-cinnamon pumpkin bars fit nicely.

So, we get out there and they have their window ac in and I am thinking-
AWESOME, I am not going to sweat to death.
Except they didn't have it on and the windows were open.

Can we all give a collective WHAT THE FUCK?
Are they waiting for hotter days?

Mom starts messing with the fan and Dad asks her if he should turn on the air and she says no.
The fan's fine.

Dad has emphysema and the air would make it easier to breathe.

They are no spring chickens.

Today there is a heat advisory til 7pm and I bet they don't have it on today either.

Kiddo ended up getting sick from getting overheated.

So, now I get to tell my mother if it is that hot either they turn the air on or we just aren't going to visit.
That's going to go over well.
She has the right to overheat, but that doesn't mean I want my child to.

Dad should have it on anyway.

But, hey, why help the lungs out?

What a fun Sunday!


  1. My son-in-law wanted to use the air conditioner less this year so they tried it. Their daughter got sick from the heat. They use it every day now. I would say the same thing to my mom if it were me.

  2. Belle, I figured she'd be OK for a few hours and she never said a word til we were part way home. She wanted me to be able to visit with them. If she'd have told me I would have said something to Mom at the time.

  3. Wow, I am at a loss for words. I have mine on all the time.

  4. My cousin actually thinks that the AC can make you sick, so he never turns it on...some people....Sounds like mom needs to be told about dad's lungs, among other things.

  5. If I have to be hot, I get very crabby and feel sick after awhile. I cannot and will not tolerate this god awful heat and humidity. If I wanted to live in the tropics, I would move there! I won't go to someone's house if they don't have the air on.

  6. OT, I grew up without it. They never even had window ac. Now they do and don't use it. I don't get it.

    Alex, I know. Dad won't say anything so I guess I will bring it up when I talk to her next.

    Sue, It's horrible isn't it? And it is supposed to be like this at least through next week. My tomatoes and peppers love it. That's the only good thing about it.

  7. Mrs. Penwasser would be cold on the surface of the sun. So, the kids and I have to continually fight with her to turn the AC on. We lost yesterday. Today it's going to be in the mid-90s.
    She's at work.
    I'm not.
    The air-conditioning is going to be turned on.
    I'm the favorite parent.
    Dad rocks.

  8. Last time I was at my mom's house, it was at least 100 degrees inside the house. Think i was suffering heat stroke or maybe heat exhaustion, cause I was so hot all over my face and body. Even a cold shower didn't make me feel cool. And, she could see i was under distress and she kept turning off the air conditioner and picking arguments with me. We don't talk much anymore after that event.

  9. Al, I get cold here because Honeyman keeps it fairly cool. But, I wear a sweatshirt in the house.
    I bet you can't wait til she is gone so you can turn it on.
    You do indeed rock!

    Bev, I don't understand having AC if you aren't going to use it when it is hot. Even if it does cool down, we have ragweed season coming up so we have to run the air cause Kiddo is allergic.

  10. Oh man, that's the worst! I've never understood people who don't use their heat or ac...that's what they're there for. Not just to have in case of emergency.

  11. Mama, I don't get it either.

  12. The older population can be so funny. My mom does the same thing!
    Oh, and I got a little thrill of excitement when you said "fuck!" ...yes, I'm that juvenile!

  13. Sandra, well, fuck. There's another thrill for ya. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

  14. I grew up in Singapore so I'm fine with hot weather, although I do get extra crabby if I'm on my period and my undies are damp with both blood and sweat.


  15. oh my - I hate going into houses with no air. It makes it miserable. I fuss at my hubs all the time because he won't turn ours less than 75 degrees. That is too warm for me especially when I'm doing housework and get hot. You have the perfect "lead in" for your next visit - you can tell them to turn it on because your daughter gets sick if it is too hot. And hopefully they will.

  16. Lemons, That does sound yuck. The older I get the more the hot, humid air gets to me.

    Debbie, I talked to her on the phone and Mom said Kiddo felt sick because she was used to AC. But, they finally turned it on after going to a store and coming back home. They realized it was a bit HOT. Which is good because we are under an excessive heat warning until Thursday night.
    You'd love it at my house. It is set at 72 all the time. When the thermostat hits 75 is when it goes on.


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