Friday, July 8, 2011

Just How a Good Date Night Should Be

I don't get them too often, but even now and than I get a night out with Honeyman.

No Kiddo!

Of course, it really helped that we won tickets to the Funny Bone.
Who can't love FREE comedy?

We had reservations, but Honeyman didn't feel good.
So, I wasn't sure we'd go.

He was in a real pissy mood too and I wasn't sure I wanted to go with him.

But, he took a nap and off we went.

I had so much fun.
We laughed and laughed.

Cause that's what you do when you go to a comedy club.

We did get the same crappy waitress as last time.
Last time we had to pay gratuity for shitty service so we stayed under $30 so we could tip what we wanted. If she deserved it.
She did a better job. But, didn't bring us our receipt or change back. So, that was her tip.
No more for her!

We saw Steve Byrne and he was hilarious. The openers were funny too, but don't remember their names.

So, after the show, we did what any normal couple does at the end of the night.


We went to Walmart.

Tried to go in through the garden center and the damn doors were locked.
We could see people walking around in there.

Had to go through the main entrance.
Used the bathroom.
Holy shit, was it cold!
But, than I saw it.
Total picture worthiness!

                                   What crime may have been committed inside this stall?


  1. You went to the Funny Bone and then you went to Walmart? Sounds like a comedy "Two-Fer" to me.
    Had a date night last night. We saw "Bridesmaids." Despite my initial reticence (my fancy word for the day) about it being a "chick flick" it was a riot. I laughed more than during "Hangover."

  2. Al, I wanna see "Bridesmaids" and I don't really like chick flicks. I didn't like Hangover.

    OT, It was great.

  3. Go see "Bridesmaids." There's a character called Megan who steals the show. Here's a quote to whet your appetite: "I can't say with confidence which end that came from."

  4. Walmart is the perfect way to end any good date, but I'd sure like to know what happened in

  5. Alex, It makes me wonder too.

  6. Great post ---- you were in my neck of the woods. I was at that Walmart on Monday and that stall was taped off just the same then. Whatever it was, it must have been a doozy . Good hell, how do you spell DOOZY? And where in my pea brain, did that word come from in the first place?

    Happy WEEKEND!

  7. Jamie, Doozy sounds like the right word to me.
    You have a good weekend too.

  8. Crime scene tape at a Walmart washroom stall?!! As if it wasn't scary enough before!

  9. Kara, I know. And Jamie said it was there all week. Maybe the DCI is still investigating?

  10. Oh my - that is exactly what we do after a date night. Go to WALMART. haha. Why do we do that??
    Oh and yes, I would be very wary to go in that bathroom. lol

  11. Debbie, Is there a better way to end the night? :D


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