Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Will... Lord Over You

I was given this award by Laurie over at Earth, Dragon, Healing.
So, thank you Laurie for deeming me worthy of being an Overlord.

I have never gotten an award where I had to do anything.
With the Shiny Turkey Award, you were supposed to tell a Thanksgiving story but I got it from someone after they read my Thanksgiving post.

Maybe since I am Overlord, I should just change the rules.
I could but I won't.

Using your status in life to be able to bypass rules is just so wrong.
It should really about what you do and not who you are.

I just came up with my first thing about changing the world. I need three.

Here goes.

1. It doesn't matter who you are related to, if you are a celebrity, or have money. You can't do whatever you want. It is not going to get you out of trouble.

2. Everyone will be given solar panels and/or wind mills so they can use their own renewable energy.

3. Fluoride should be taken out of the drinking water. If you aren't supposed to swallow toothpaste because of fluoride, why is it fine to have it in drinking water?

Now, comes to the next part.
I, as overlord, need to name ten bloggers I deem worthy of being a fellow overlord.

Since I am female shouldn't I be an overlady?

Kelly from The Six of Us

Mama Spaghetti from The Spaghetti Westerner

Mynx from Dribble

Al from Penwasser Place

Debbie from McCormick Madness

Cal from Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness

Smart Ass Sara from Welcome to Sara's Organized Chaos

Alex from The Life and Times of A. Nighbert

Yvonne from Perfection... More or Less

Kara from Scattered Joy

If you have not been introduced to some of these blogs, you should go check 'em out.
That's an order from your Overlady!


  1. Congrats! I love all your rules, Overlady.

  2. Congrats...great award, Ms. Overlady!

    Good selection of recipients too - I'm well acquainted with few and will check out the others.


  3. Thank you so much! I feel so honored!

    I've always wondered that same thing about fluoride...

  4. Mama, you are very welcome.

  5. I'd make Anthony Weiner join NOW.
    I'd force Charlie Sheen to become Amish.
    I'd send Lindsay Lohan to Iran.
    I'd ask the Mossad to visit Mel Gibson.
    I'd sign Al Penwasser up for a "Comedy Writing For Dummies" correspondence course.

    And thanks for the award! I guess I'll have to think of something....
    By the way, I'll be dropping way off the grid for a few days. I post about it tomorrow. How's THAT for a teaser?

  6. Congrats on the award!!!!

    And LOL @ Al, those were great.

  7. Al, I guess Charlie wouldn't have to worry about drinking and driving.
    You are welcome.
    And you are such a tease!

    OT, thanks.

  8. Aww! Thanks, Ruth!! That is so sweet!! :)

  9. Kelly, you will make a great overlady.
    You are welcome.

  10. Between your post and Al's comment, I love the Overlord and Overlady thing. I especially like your first rule.
    Nice work, Overlady.

  11. Robyn, thanks. I like it too :).

  12. Thanks for the award! I will post something very soon just for you. :)

  13. Sara, you are very welcome. That is sweet of you.

  14. Thank you so much! You made my day :0)

  15. Debbie, you are welcome.

    Tame Lion, thank you.


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