Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FICO This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a person.
A person with a name.

I am not just a number.
Or am I?

Why should a number determine how much I pay for anything or even if I can even buy it?

Look at ME!
Here I am.

I am so much more than a number.

How many times have I heard that from institutions?

"You are more than just a number to us.
You may have had problems in the past but we will give you a chance."


OK, so my score isn't the highest.
But, I can pay for things and I shouldn't have to pay more just cause my score isn't 800.

Through no fault of my own, we have had financial difficulties.
Things are better now, but we are still being punished.

I don't work outside of the home and that always goes against us.

I could be bringing home a paycheck and spending more money on another car and gas, and lunches and conveniences foods and than to the banks, we'd be good.

How does that make sense?

I might be bringing more money in but I'd be spending all of it and than some.
So, doesn't it make more sense to stay home?

By staying home, I save money by having time to fix more nutritious meals.
I have time to garden and freeze and can what I grow.

I don't have to buy work clothes or have transportation costs.

And I am slowly learning how to make money online, by doing surveys and paid emails along with a few other things.

But, instead of companies saying you do so good- they say you need more income.

We just bought a new riding mower and we are having to pay interest out the ass for it because of problems 4 years ago.

My husband had been laid off and had trouble finding a job and I couldn't find one for more than $6 an hour.
And unlike now, where the government keeps extending unemployment benefits- we were just shit out of luck.

Truthfully, I don't even know how we even made it.

But, we did and our credit went to shit.

Things are better now.

But we still are paying 8.25% fixed rate on a house. We can't get an FHA loan without doing work to the house we can't afford.
We can't get a regular loan cause our combined score is not high enough.

We are in a vicious circle.

I am all for abolishing the FICO score and make institutions look at all of us as though we counted.
They don't ever look at why bills were late or what was going on in your life.
Sorry mortgage company, my daughter was in the ICU and I forgot the bill was due.
Bite Me!

FICO needs to go!

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