Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why Should I pay for what Other People Do?

It shouldn't surprise me at all, but it does piss me off.

OK, we need a new mower.
Decided on a John Deere this time and found a good one.
Applied for credit.
Now, we sit and wait to hear back.
We can't get approved instantly since Honeyman had to put a credit alert on his credit report.
He had to do that cause the database at his work got hacked into and identities were stolen.
So as a precaution we had to put it on there.

But, we need a mower so I hope we hear sooner rather than later.

Than today...
I get the phone bill.

I signed up for a bundle and it was supposed to be activated the 1st, get a call the 6th that it would be activated that night.
Now, I get a bill charging me for those days that I was supposed to have been covered by the new plan.
And it is Saturday so I can't call and complain.

And I have a bad feeling this will end up costing me more than I was told.
She was supposed to have included everything like taxes when she told me cost per month.

But, I don't know.

And they are the only phone company so it is not like I can go anywhere else if they won't remedy the situation.
But don't think I won't try.

I got the lame excuse of volume of calls.
But why should I have to pay for their screw-up?
But I think they are going to expect me to.

I trusted them to do what they said they would and I get crapped on.


Give me someone to choke!

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