Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ok, so I am watching a movie tonight.
Ok, to be honest, just half-assed watching it.
But, I noticed something very interesting.

Cops were coming in with their guns and not finding anything so they yell

And I realized doctors and EMT s yell clear when they are using defibrillators on patients.

Are you with me so far?
There is a connection.

They are both emergency responders.

Do you think there is a class?
For yelling "Clear!"

Clear Class 101.
I don't think they need a 102.

What do ya think?

Learn how to say "Clear!" with authority.
Leave no doubt that you mean business.

I bet it's an easy A.
If I didn't get an A in that class I'd start to wonder about my success as a human being.

Or maybe 101 would be for medical personnel and 102 would be for law enforcement.

Just a thought!

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