Monday, November 17, 2014

For The Spark Butt

 I don't know if you have seen my post regarding Sparkle, aka The Spark Butt. This is her being all Batman like.

Sparkle has always been special.
Special, as in short bus special.
But, also special in that she showed smarts when you least expected it and she would follow people around wherever they went.

Sparkle came to us by way of a family friend.
She was born in a hay loft and at the ripe old age of three days, she wondered away and almost fell out of the loft.
She got rescued but the momma cat rejected her because of human contact.
So, she was brought to us.
Look at how little she was. We had to get medicine to keep her eyes open and feed her with a bottle. She slept with a beanie cat and a heating pad.
She would crawl inside my slippers and get snug and very stuck.

After a couple years in the house, she went to live outside and she did remarkably well.
Didn't go after birds, but she ate her fair share of bugs.

Our other house cat always hated her, but she made friends with a few other tuxedo kitties outside.

Her current buddy is Minnie. They'd get into it, but for the most part were buds.

Sparkle was found dead Friday night. Not sure how she died, but she has left a void.
She was ten.

She drove us nuts, but she could always make you smile.

Minnie is very sad. She knows and came over when we buried Sparkle.

Sparkle was great.
She bounded after people and lapped up water like a dog.
She loved climbing ladders and nuzzling.

So long, Spark Butt!



  1. Awww, I'm very sorry to hear about Sparkle. It's always hard to lose a furry friend, and especially if you don't know what happened. At least she had a good life, thanks to you.

    Is Minnie also a tuxedo cat? Because I have a tuxedo cat named Minnie, and I find that kinda funny.

  2. Yes, Minnie is a tuxedo cat. So was Minnie's mother. She looked so much like her mother, we called her Minnie. That is kinda funny.

    1. This is mine. She's just turned 16, but she's every bit as spry as she was 10 years ago.


    2. She is pretty and looks a lot like my Minnie. I hope you have her for a lot more years.

  3. Oh how sad! Sorry for the loss of your fur-baby.
    I feel you - my beloved Skeeter has been gone 3 years today. Still miss my personal lap-warmer!

    1. Lisa,It is sad. They just crawl right into our hearts, don't they?

  4. I hate it when my furbabies or anyone's furbabies die. They are so a part of the family. So sorry, so sad.

    1. Thanks, Coffee Lady.Furbabies should never leave us.


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