Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Making My Own State

The Wednesday after an election is always interesting.
There is a lot of  "This sucks!" and also a lot of "In your face!"

I am so over this crap.
People go back and forth between parties.
It's like they are little kids on a swing set.
Back and forth and back and forth.

Red state.
Blue state.

Who freakin' cares?
Does it have to be all about the party?
It shouldn't be, but it is.

Even George Washington said a two party system was not a good thing.
But, he's dead so what does he know, right?

My governor, Terry Brandstad got reelected.
He is known to me, unaffectionately, as The Chipmunk. Tell me those cheeks don't scream chipmunk.
There are better pictures, but I couldn't find them right now.
My dad calls him Bumstead or Braindead.

Next, we have King Turd. Excuse me, Steve King.
He got reelected too.

Obviously, I am not a fan.

But, what I want to know is why everyone cries and whines about nothing changing in Washington and we need to throw them all out.
But, not their guy. He can stay. He is not the problem.

Then, there is Joni Ernst. You may have heard of her. Jimmy Fallon mentioned her hog castration ad on his show.

I didn't vote for her. Or Bruce Braley.
But, what she has going for her is that she is a change.
For better or worse, it remains to be seen.

But, because I am sick of being labeled red or blue or conservative or liberal, I have decided to grant myself state status.
Make my color a lovely tie dye in rich vibrant tones.
If you vote straight party, you can't come in, cause that is just stupid.
Be an independent thinker.


  1. Agree with you 100%. I hate this whole "either you're this or that" mentality. This is why I choose not to be part of either party. We all have our opinions, but it's incredible to me that if you're on one side, the other side is now instantly your enemy. They clearly want to destroy their own country and everything it stands for and hurt all of the people, while you are a true hero of the cause fighting to save America.

    Instead of fighting each other and taking so-called "sides" we should be working together to compromise and find solutions that benefit us all.

    1. And this is why I would be proud to have you come to my state.

  2. I feel like Congress, as a whole, is like a bunch of sugar high toddlers fighting in a sandbox over the same shovel. We have Scott Walker as our Governor again and frankly, if I could afford to sell my house and move to Minnesota, I would. This is terrible.

    1. Sara, I have not heard a lot of good things about Mr. Walker. Actually I haven't heard any good.
      That's true. They all fight so hard to "work" for us. Once they get there, they go to recess.

  3. I'd like to be an independent. On the issues I'd be more in common with what the Green Party stands for. However I'm a realist, so I'm a Democrat. Though if there was a vote to abolish political parties, I would vote yes.

    Take the Republicans for example. Moderates are becoming rare. If they don't vote "conservative" every single time, they call them RINOs and traitors. I'd suggest the GOP change their party's animal from Elephant to Parrot. Cause all they do now is echo the propaganda from right-wing radio.

    Today Obama said he would work with the new Republican Congress. When Obama won in 2012, Republicans vowed to stand against him.

    Also voter turn out is awful for mid-terms. How can any candidate get a majority, if the majority doesn't bother to show up?

    1. Adam, I am an Independent. I can't vote in Caucuses or primaries in my state because of that, but that is fine. Some people change parties just to do that but I won't.
      I get in the booth and vote for whoever and I don't pay attention to the party.
      I do think they should get rid of the box to vote straight party ticket so everyone has to go through and vote the whole thing.
      People are getting disillusioned by the whole process.

  4. I cracked up at that Hog Ad - tooooo funny.
    On a serious note - I agree with Adam's comment about voter turn out. I think it should be mandatory and a fine imposed for those that don't. It's a privilege and about time people took it serious.
    We are having civic elections in a couple of weeks (mayors etc the local level stuff) and here in Vancouver our current mayor is known as Mayor Moonbeam - well, that speaks volumes, yet the yokels running against him worry me, but, I vote nonetheless. I also never vote against a party - I always vote for the person(s) I would like to see in office.
    My attitude is "if you don't vote you have no right to bitch".

    1. Jenny, apparently she mentioned the squealing at the acceptance speech. She seems awfully proud of that ad. My brother-in-law said people will now start making Deliverance jokes about Iowa.
      I hated that ad. It was shown all the time.
      My husband doesn't vote. He has thought about registering and swears that if there is ever someone worth voting for he will.

  5. I so agree. For those who are distraught and for those who are jubilant, nothing is going to change. That makes me sad.
    But, I'm just glad that all this election crap is done for at least a little while.
    I just want to piss and moan about the commercialism of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    1. Al, what's this about commercialism of Thanksgiving? I thought we were going straight from Halloween to Christmas these days.

    2. Oh, silly me. How could I forget the Santa Claus float at the Thanksgiving Day parade?

  6. Politicians are politicians. Period.

    1. You certainly have that right, Sherry.


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