Thursday, November 13, 2014

Needy or Mentally Ill

Last night I watched Criminal Minds.
I love that show!

But, the show was about a selfie killer.
Reid said something interesting.
There have been studies showing that selfies are linked to mental illness.

I had a thought.
I am gonna have to look that one up.
And it's true.
Check it out~

A few months back, I went to a funeral and the pastor said that "Selfies are selfish".
They seem a bit self-absorbed, but I wouldn't quite go to selfish.

The occasional selfie is understandable, but the need to continually take them seems a little over the top.
Or, one could say needy, sad, or the rather harsh mentally ill.

The article states a lot of selfie takers have BDD or body dysmorphic  disorder.
I know a lot of people that seem to just want attention.

"You look hot!"
"How beautiful."
"Oooh, you're sick. Sads."

That is another thing.
Why does anyone take a picture of themselves when they are sick?
I don't get it.

Maybe that is the mentally ill part of all of it.

Selfies need rules.

If no one is available to take your picture, a selfie is OK.
If you are sick or making a duckface, a selfie is NOT OK.
If it is a once in a while thing, a selfie is OK.
If you just took a selfie in the last hour or two AND posted it, posting another selfie is NOT OK.

And for the love of all that's holy, do not selfie while eating food. That is never OK.


  1. I've been behind those taking selfies while driving and also those video taping themselves while behind the wheel watching as they swerve all over the place on the road. :/ Love the post!

    1. Gossip_Grl, Thanks. I have never been behind a driver doing that, but I have seen many a person post one of them driving.

  2. The only reason I ever took one was because I can't stand other people taking my picture, or I was alone. I've given them up. Really don't understand all of the hate, though

  3. Susie, I do find it strange that people feel compelled to take so many pictures of themselves when they all seem to look the same.

  4. I actually believe selfies are a narcissistic cry of "Look at me! Hey, look at me!"
    That being said, I have a LOT of selfies expressing different emotions. I use them when texting. For example, instead of writing (with one finger) why I am upset, I just post an "upset" picture.
    Be honest, does this kind of nonsense from me surprise you?
    Look at me! Hey, look at me!!

    1. Al, I agree it is narcissism in it's finest(?) form.
      I expect nothing less from you.
      Did you see the Richard Simmons/Star Trek pic I tagged you in on FB? Could be good caption material.

    2. I did see it. Someone else also tagged me! I guess I'm being typecast! LOL.
      I did notice that Richard was wearing a red shirt in that picture. As we know, people who wear red shirts on away teams end up screwed.
      But, then, Richard would probably like that.

  5. PS "I Am the One who runs the world. You're here to prepare for Heaven. You cannot make it to the Great Beyond on your own." -Jesus

    ...and I, as a sinfull mortal, help in this symbiotic relationship: take part in this glorious, Christmas gift; this wonderFULL, Heavenly Kingdom that we may live forever. God bless you with discernment.


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