Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Got It Goin' On

Lots of things have been going on around here.
Thought I'd take this opportunity to share.
Plus, I can't think of a theme today.

1. Rain
     Too much. I didn't get half my garden in and my sweetcorn didn't come up. Too wet to replant and by the time it ever dries out enough it will be too late.

2. Kiddo got her 2nd Dan in taekwondo.
     That's a second degree black belt. She tested Sunday and she did amazing.

3. Made a pie
     I love pie. I haven't successfully made one since I gave up wheat. I tried a rhubarb pie and while I need practice rolling out a gluten free crust, I still have pie. I love pie!

4. Picking asparagus
     I am still growing my patch, but in a couple years I may be bartering or selling my asparagus.

5. Harvesting rhubarb
     The stalks got plenty big this year. I love rhubarb!

6. Finding ticks
     I usually never have a problem with them. I've found them on me, but never been bitten. Til this year. I found it right after it bit and it gave me a nice red mark for a few days, but it's all good. No lyme disease. I know you were concerned.

7. Still helping Honeyman on his weight loss journey
     He has lost 35 pounds since January. He is doing good there.

8. Nursing my tomato plant back to life
     It is doing well. Somehow it busted off at the ground. Since it had a cage around it, I am not sure what happened. But, it's looking pretty good.

9. Planting
     In between days of rain, I did get some plants in the ground. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, basil, and oregano. Oh and the corn that didn't come up. Or the watermelon or pumpkin that also didn't come up.

10. Questioning my still watching the news
      Reporters asking really stupid questions is getting to me, the repeated typos( I may typo here, but I don't get paid to get it right), and the complete lack of simple math skills is pathetic. Last night my local news said that 56% of people approved of the government listening to our phone calls and 46% disapprove. How can you ask everyone, which is 100%, and come up with over 100 %? They not only read it, but put it up big on the screen. Two weeks ago another news said that the CDC announced that 20% of children had a mental disorder, but only 1 in 5 were getting treatment. Huh?I guess that lady from the IRS isn't the only one not goof with math.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Good for Kiddo with Karate.

    Good for you with the gardening.
    Corn will do good next year. There is always next year.

    Baaaad for News people with the math. I found a few mistakes a fe times, but I rather save my memory for something good.

  2. And oh yeah , good for you for no Lyme! Phew - - -

    1. Munir, I worried about the red spot, but I looked it up and apparently it is normal to get a rash of some sort. I am glad I have plenty of corn in the freezer from last year.

  3. Oh, Ruth, I just burst out laughing about that math: 56% plus 46% = 100%? My goodness, that is pathetic! I agree, if you're paid any amount to relay basic information, you should get it right.


    1. Robyn you know what is funny? I saw a worse figure on the CBS national news. 38% vs. 75%.

    2. OK I went and found the poll from tonight and they just read it goofy. That doesn't excuse the 46 + 56 error though.

  4. Congrats on your daughter's second degree black belt, and your husband's weight loss! Looks like you have a delicious vegetable garden. I hope that your tomato plant has a speedy recovery.


    1. Thank you, Julie. I am trying. It doesn't too great at the moment but I am hopeful. I stuck the plant out in the garden last night.

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