Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- Fun Facts

I collect little tidbits of information that I like to call fun facts.
So, for this week's Ten Things Tuesday, I am going to share some with you.

1. Only 50% of people can smell asparagus pee.
     Those people have the required gene to do so. Does the lucky person have the gene or not?

2. The CDC says that 20% of children have some type of mental problems but only 1 in 5 gets treatment.
     Why is this fun? 1 in 5 is 20%. Saw this scroll on the ticker of the news. Not sure if it was a typo or if the CDC doesn't know math.

3. In Iowa, fireworks are illegal to shoot off.
     However, you can buy fireworks and sit around and look at them as long as you don't set them off.

4.  The singer Eddie Money used to be Officer Mahoney.
     Before he became a singer Edward Mahoney was a police officer. I find this funny because Officer Mahoney was the name of a character in Police Academy.

5. There are 5,000 cults operating in the US today.
     They collectively bring in $70 BILLION a year. Maybe I should start a cult.

6. Ground meat used to be the priciest.
     Now, it's the cheapest. Figure that one out.

7. Gelatin comes from cooking animal bones, connective tissue, etc.
     When the broth is cooled, you get a jelly like substance. To make jello, it is powdered, flavored, colored, and stuck in a box. Who wants jell-o?

8. Rubbing fresh basil over an insect bite will make it quit itching.
     It works. I have tried it. Just don't rub too hard or it doesn't last.

9. Twizzlers are made with wheat.
     About a year ago, Honeyman bought some and I read the ingredients list. Wheat. What the crap? In candy? It's everywhere.

10.  Xmas comes from the Greek X or Chi which is the beginning of the word  Χριστός  which translates to Christ in English. The mas part comes from mass, of course.
     It is NOT meant to take Christ out of Christmas.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. religion is the most profitable business

    1. That it is, Adam. I am just amazed how many cults there are here.

  2. Oh yuck. I really hope I don't have to ever stay in a hospital again. All they feed you is jello.


    1. Robyn, I hope not either. And not just because of the jell-o.

  3. I am going to have to try the basil trick next summer when the mozzies are hungry

    1. Mynx, I tried it last year and it helped. But, just a light wipe. I made the mistake of thinking if I rubbed more on, it would last longer and do better. Than it didn't work at all.

  4. I love trivia! Have been called a useless warehouse of information. I don't think it is useless info! Good stuff, Ruth.

    1. Gail, It's fun to learn trivia facts.


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