Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just Call Me Queen R

I have decided too many people in this world could benefit from my control guidance.
Therefore, I should share my expertise in life skills.

I shall forthwith be known as  Queen R., the one to rule them all.

I need to teach people to once again use commonsense.
To know what it means to think for oneself without the need of "experts".

For the people that live in another plane of existence that seems to have no basis in reality,
I will give them a much needed reality check.

For the ones submerged "up to here" in reality,
I propose a couple weeks to get away from it.

Even though reality can suck,
you can't escape it forever.

For the morality challenged,
I am gonna stick them in the muck where they belong.

For the ones that work hard and play by the rules.
I will give them their just due.

I could go after the corporations and corruption and greed.
But, the way I figure, if I help the people out by doing all the other stuff this part gets taken care of.

I could go after governments.
But, since I am now Queen R.
I run things.
No other government needed.


  1. Love live the Queen. I definitely think we need a whole lot more common sense and a whole lot less experts, u get my vote your majesty! :)

  2. oops, taht should have been long live the Queen, sorry your majesty...:)

  3. All hail Queen R! First item of business - getting rid of all "life coaches." Nobody in their right mind needs to pay someone to coach them through day to day life. That's just called living and being an adult.

    1. Hey BFTS, my BIL has one of those. Oh wait. She's his mother and she does it all for free. Never mind.

  4. I've had my application in to be King of the World for quite some time. You being Queen R can only add to the delay.

    1. Al, right there is the problem. You don't just APPLY for king. You appoint yourself. You can have New England, I'll take the rest of the world.

    2. Nope, I want Canada to have New England.

    3. You're the king. Give away your kingdom.

  5. haha i love this--sounds like you would make an excellent queen ;)

  6. My line was stolen but I will still say it: Long live the queen!

    1. Gail, I can never get enough of that line!


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