Friday, June 14, 2013

Pimping Out the Sis

 My oldest sister is a very creative person.
She has always wanted to be a writer and finally published her own ebook on kindle and paperback.

Go here to check it out. That link is to the kindle book. For some reason they didn't upload together so to check out the paperback click this link.

The book is a short story and is in the fantasy genre.
If this is well received, she plans to offer a compilation of short stories.

She also makes jewelry and has her own business. Stone Circle Designs is a great place to get handmade jewelry for you or for a good gift for someone else.

She has even nicer items pictured on her website. Link above. Stone Circle Designs is also on Facebook.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to give her a little exposure.

Apparently she got the books linked together now so either link will take you to both editions.


  1. It is a good thing you do!

  2. Replies
    1. Al, I'm just making up for being a little shit to her when we grew up.

    2. Crap! Does that mean I have to be nice to my little (younger) brothers now?

  3. There's a lot of talent in your family. I'll go check her book out. I love the jewelry.


    1. Robyn, she does good doesn't she? She gets better all the time. I've gotten beading kits before and I feel inept. Thanks for looking at her stuff.

  4. The jewelry looks really nice, she does have talent, good sis you

  5. Alex, I just taught her valuable lessons like not everyone is honest and maybe wraparound skirts aren't always the best choice of garments. ;) Thanks for looking.

  6. Thanks Sis, and Thanks for all the nice comments. 8^)


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