Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten Things Tuesday- January Gratefuls

It may come as a complete shock, but I am not always full of lightness and sunshine.

I try to remember to be grateful for what I have.
If I don't, I get depressed.

I get caught up in the what ifs and start eating tons of sugar
which gives me more depressed thoughts along with anxiety
and than I get crabby.

So, it's good to be grateful.

This week's Ten Things Tuesday is about what I am grateful for in this awesome month of January.

1. People that do nice things- just because.
    Smart Ass Sara from Welcome to Sara's Organized Chaos is a sweet person. Her blog is about her family and she says things how she sees them. She also does a lot of book reviews. One of her books sounded like something my daughter would like and I said so. She sent me the book. How amazing is that?

2. Getting rural water
    The crew has finally showed up and started digging. By the end of the week, I will get a steady supply of water and another new bill. I choose to be happy that I can now do several loads of laundry in a day.

3. My BIL made it through surgery
   He had to have a vertebrae removed from his neck and replaced with a cadaver bone and a steel plate. Surgery went well and he is home.

4. Money at the end of the month
    How awesome is that? It is really nice to have a little money after paying all the bills. Not tons, but I'll have more than $5 to my name when the next pay day comes around. I do have a question? Does it always seem to take a few months after getting a couple bills paid off for you to actually notice the extra money? Cause it always does with me and I don't know why. Maybe cause I seem to be playing catch up with bills a lot.

5. 45 degrees(Fahrenheit) in January
    Right now it is in the 20s, but last week it got to 45 and tomorrow it is supposed to be 46. This is great. No winter coat. In January! I love it!

6. Making my dad's fudge
    I have not made my dad's recipe for fudge in many years. You have to cook it to the soft ball stage or use a candy thermometer and I don't always have the best luck doing that. So, I usually do shortcut fudge. But, I wanted his fudge so I made it Saturday night. I had problems with it setting up so we have it eat it off a spoon. But, it tastes amazing. Except now, I have a fudge problem. It's here so I must eat it. Lots of it!

7. Seeing friends
    I don't get much of a chance to get together with people due to schedules. It is great to see friends that I usually never get to see more than a few times a year.

8. No orthodontist visits
    Kiddo is now in the maintenance phase of her treatment so we don't have to go as often. Do you know how long is has been since I went more than a month without a trip to the ortho? Too damn long!

9. Popcorn and potatoes
    A friend of mine has a pumpkin patch. They also grow potatoes and corn. Some of it popcorn. It is amazing! I went over and got some popcorn and potatoes a couple weeks back and she gave me extra because they had so much. Let's hear it for locally grown and yummy!

10. Remembering to take my turkey out of the freezer
    Honeyman gets a turkey at Thanksgiving, but we go to my mom's. I was sick over Christmas and than kept forgetting to take it out to thaw. So, we are having turkey tomorrow or Thursday.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. So you're not mrs. sunshine? Really? I don't believe you, you're always so positive and uplifting....lol. Glad to hear your weather is milder, I'm freezing my ass off in sunny southern ca. My pipes burst from the freeze last night, oh joy. We do the same for Thanksgiving, usually buying an extra turkey for a later day. Btw, got any of that fudge left? Send it my way please, my mouth is watering...

    1. Alex, I know I have let you down, but I have to be honest.;)
      It has been pretty cold for CA lately. I'm sorry about your pipes.
      Kiddo just ate the last of it. She claimed there was not enough left for more than one person. Somehow, I don't believe her.

  2. Wonderful list! So happy about your BIL.

    1. Thanks Gail. He is doing so good!

  3. These sort of lists are always so wonderful. Counting the little blessings and happy moments are a great way to lift your mood

    1. Mynx, true. I figure it's best to think about what you have than dwell on what you don't.

  4. I think I need to make a list like this - Since the New Year we are going through some major changes and I need to concentrate on the positives instead of the negatives. Thanks!

  5. You inspired me - here's my gratefuls - http://mymorningcupofcoffee.blogspot.com/2013/01/jan-i-am-grateful.html

    1. Coffee Lady, I will right over to check it out. Thinking about the positives makes a difference!

  6. I am eating popcorn from a bag right now. The real thing sounds great.


    1. Robyn, I can't tell you the last time I had microwave popcorn. I have a air popper and it cooks just as fast as it does in the microwave.


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