Monday, January 14, 2013

Take That, "Friend"

I'm gonna do it!
I mean it.

For months I have thought about it.
I have even mentioned it.

I never follow through.
I don't know why.

I keep saying I don't have time
Or, that I don't want people to feel bad.

But, that is not true.
I have time.

And honestly, these people are probably not going to know
OR care.

I have 157 people on my facebook friends lists and I never see or hear from half of them.

They are either never on or they just never do anything.

They never comment on anything I do.
They never "like" anything I do.
They never send messages or use chat.

They seldom,if ever, write a status.
And if they do and I comment
they never respond to me.

What is the point?
Why did you friend me?

Sure, I have deleted a few people here or there.
A person that referred to their friends as fans.(Someone is thinking a bit highly of themselves)
A person that wanted people to delete her if they didn't vote how she did.( I did get a friend request from her later)
People that I think made an account, a few friends, and never returned.

One person I did delete over religion.
I have many family and friends that are uber religious and I have no problem with it.
But, when everything from a tire blowout to a headache is caused by Satan, that is a bit much.
Plus, her friends seemed to have a habit of requesting my friendship because I was on her list. 

I better get started.
Now, that I have written it down, I am committed.
No turning back.


  1. You go girl, I've been thinking about doing the same thing. Some people are getting really crazy anymore, I don't know if it's Facebook or people just being crazy, but I'm kinda getting tired of it too. Besides, you'll have more room on your wall....

    1. Alex, I just got rid of 56. I could do more, but I am holding off on those for a little bit yet. I have talked to them in the past.

  2. Ditto to Alessandra's starting words..."You go girl!"

    I'm a hold out for the Facebook craze so this is never a problem I have had to deal with, lucky me. :P

    My daughter is on Facebook and I have no worries about missing anything in her busy life...why? Because I'm in her life and we speak I don't need to read all about her escapades as I get them first hand.

    On Sunday I had a chance to catch up with two friends, one early in the day, one later. The later one's daughter was also present and it put a smile on my face...she's such a sweet girl. Now...this is as much "face time" or "social media" time as I need. I've come to realize I want to enjoy the "real" people in my life not the faux friends that want me on a list just to prove they are popular. go girl...I'm cheering you on!

    PS...I'm dropping in now and then when I find a docking station for my rocket. Out here "across galaxies" I find myself totally enraptured with my progress in finding "lands beyond".

    Take care, Jenny

    1. Jenny, it is good to hear from you!
      If you don't feel the need for it, why have it?
      I am able to stay in touch with some people that I couldn't otherwise so it comes in handy. That's what I get for moving so far away from everyone.

  3. Most of the people on my FB are like that. I try hard to get any kind of "likes" but to little avail.

    1. Adam, it can be quite depressing can't it?

  4. My favorites are when people find they had more bread in the freezer so they didn't have to go out that day and they are all "Praise Jesus - he will provide!"... oy. I'm like no bitch, you bought an extra loaf and froze it. Jesus didn't buy you that loaf of bread. You did and you are nuts. DEFRIEND. :)

    1. Sara, I swear I will never understand some people.

  5. I've only defriended one person. Not because she and I are on COMPLETELY opposite ends of the political spectrum (we both think the other is insane). It's because some of her friends posted the most vile, hateful things imaginable (i.e., George Bush's mother should have had an abortion, Ann Coulter should be shot in the head, etc.). I just couldn't stomach it anymore. Now that you mention it, I'm going on Facebook and defriend others who haven't given me the time of day at all in forever. Good idea. I bet they won't even notice.

    1. Al, plus this way you get to see more of the people you care about. Just like Alex said.

    2. I unfriended quite a few people from both of my Facebook accounts. A lot of them I really had no clue who the heck they were. But, I feel so unburdened now.

  6. Did you clean up the list? Don't you feel better now? Good for you.


  7. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  8. Keep thinking I should do that. I seem to have so many people that just like you had, never interact. Seems pointless.
    Then there are the people from work...I have to be ultra careful if I have a bad day

    1. I had a friend that seemed to collect friends like trophies. He, I just deleted.
      My husband took himself out of search and won't even write down where he works so no one from work can find him. Even the people he likes. They are friends with people he doesn't like from work.


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